Hocus Pocus Prince
Hocus Pocus Prince

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Shy Violet never expected black magic to be real. Yes, she loves horror and the paranormal – the scarier, the better! And she’s even started her own Occult Club, though that just creeps her classmates out. But when a popular male student is cursed for real, even Violet doesn’t know what to do.

Now that Prince Not-So-Charming has transformed into a very strange ‘beast,’ it’ll take much more than a kiss to break the spell. Help Violet stop the curse, break out of her shell...and maybe even find new love (or at least new members for the Occult Club).

Steam link/demo

PC + mobile ports
3 love interests you can buy separately
Unique paths with different curse victims and new ‘beast’ forms
5 CGs, 2 endings, and a special extra for every path
original sound track



CG/GUI preview


1.5k music
10% ks fee
300$ submission fee
1.2k art
500 programming

Stretch goals

+300? Partly voice acting
+1.5k New obtainable characters (detective)
+1.5k New obtainable characters (layla)
+ 1k Extra CG for everyone
Full voice acting



Risk & challenge

we are a small team working part-time
we may encounter difficulties or delays due to our small size
however, we are fully committed to the project
and have already finished a lot of stuff
and even if we aren't fully funded, we will make sure to finish the project
tho we need KS to make it as polished as possible and expedite the release

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