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HOARDCORE DUNGEONS is a 3D team-based action role playing game set in a subterranean land of endless danger and riches. Assemble your trio of heroes and venture down into the cavernous depths in search of the legendary hoardcore.

Despite the modern game play, the story is reminiscent of traditional lighthearted fantasy tabletop-style gaming sessions. Our tale takes place in the underground city of Penumbra Falls. While the city was once grand and beautiful, it has been overtaken by greed and thievery spurred by the rumours of a priceless artefact somewhere deep within the earth. When news of this tale spread above the surface it caught the attention of all kinds of hunters and adventurers, each one with their own reason to seek such an incredible treasure. But the only way to survive down there is together, so they will have to find a way to work with each other to claim what they seek. Does the legendary hoardcore really exist or is the real treasure the friends they made along the way? No, it's definitely the hoardcore.

Creating your own party of adventurers is central to HOARDCORE DUNGEONS. Throughout the game world will be characters that you can recruit to your cause and swap into your party. Every character has unique mechanics and weapons so be sure to find them all! Design your party to suit your play style, whether that's by creating a trio of your favourites, or challenging yourself with a lone hero, it's all up to you!

The world of HOARDCORE DUNGEONS is divided up into many unique zones, each with different enemies and treasures. The more you fight, explore, and quest through each area the more secrets and rewards you will discover. Make sure you're thorough, as there is much more in the depths than meets the eye!


For every £1000 over our minimum budget we raise, we will add new features and content! More details below!

We will continue to add more stretch goals as previous goals are met. New goals will be added for every £1000 over our goal until £25,000, at which point we will update with new stretch goals better fitting demand.

£5000 - FUNDED: The minimum funding for the project has been met and the game will release on steam!

£6000 - QUESTLINE - The Fisherman's Request: An old sailor has been seen drowning his woes at the local tavern. Some enjoy listening to him spin tales of lost treasures and bizarre creatures, all forgotten to the salty depths. Perhaps he is here to look for more than just the local brews...

£7000 - NEW SKILLS - From Thine Enemy: Although you may not be able to use the armor of goblins, you might just be able to learn something from them. All characters in the base game will gain new skills to unlock based on their little green rivals.

£8000 - WEAPON SET - Crystal Forged: It is said that the sharpest blades, swiftest arrows, and most potent spells are all made using ancient crystals. Time to put that to the test. New crystal themed weapons for all characters in the base game.

£9000 - QUESTLINE - A Rat In The Pack: Thieves and bandits trust nobody but themselves, so for one of them to ask for help is a disturbing omen indeed. Is this an attack of their conscience or something more sinister?

£10,000 - ELEMENTS: Ancient magic is moving through the caverns. Is it here to help or harm? Reaching this goal will reveal more information!

£11,000 - WEAPON SET - Thieves Of Thieves: For a bunch of violent thieves, the bandits do know how to make some impressive weaponry. Why not take something for yourself? New bandit themed weapons for all characters in the base game.

£12,000 - NEW SKILLS - From The Shadows: The shadows are never darker than the ones in the deepest caverns. Learn to be light of foot and fast of blade, and they can be your biggest advantage. All characters in the base game will gain stealth based skills.

£13,000 - UPGRADES - Ever Molten Blades: A weapon forged in just the right conditions with just enough magic may never lose its heat. Show your enemies the light with molten weapons for all characters in the base game.

£14,000 - QUESTLINE - The Turncoat: Goblins treat each other just as unpleasantly as they treat everyone else, the only thing that will ever motivate them is the promise of treasure and power. Perhaps with the right encouragement one of them can be of use...

£15,000 - TEAMWORK: Adventuring just wouldn't be the same without friends! Reaching this goal will reveal more information!

As special thanks for anybody choosing to donate to this fundraising campaign we are offering a selection of rewards, some of which are completely unique to this kickstarter!

£2 - Seeker: Receive E-mail updates on the progress of the game with early previews of upcoming features and exclusive behind-the-scenes information!

£5 - Explorer: Receive a set of three digital desktop wallpapers in all standard resolutions, only available through this kickstarter! Also includes the Seeker reward.

£7 - Adventurer: Receive a digital steam key redeemable for one copy of HOARDCORE DUNGEONS upon its release! Also includes the Seeker and Explorer rewards.

£10 - Treasure Hunter: Have YOUR name credited in HOARDCORE DUNGEONS upon its release! Also includes the SeekerExplorer, and Adventurer rewards.

£15 - Master Hoarder: Receive all additional paid content for HOARDCORE DUNGEONS via digital steam key as soon as it is released! Also includes the SeekerExplorerAdventurer, and Treasure Hunter rewards.

£25* - Collector Of Relics: (ONLY 200 AVAILABLE) Receive a physical poster signed by all members of the development team with handwritten thanks addressed to YOU PERSONALLY! (Poster preview below.) Also includes the SeekerExplorerAdventurerTreasure Hunter, and Master Hoarder rewards.

£50 - Knight Of The Core: (ONLY 5 AVAILABLE) Name a non-playable character that will appear within HOARDCORE DUNGEONS.** Also includes the SeekerExplorerAdventurerTreasure HunterMaster Hoarder, and Collector Of Relics (if available) rewards.

£75 - Guardian Of The Core: (ONLY 3 AVAILABLE) Name, choose an outfit for, and write some dialogue for a non-playable character that will appear within HOARDCORE DUNGEONS.** Also includes the SeekerExplorerAdventurerTreasure HunterMaster Hoarder, and Collector Of Relics (if available) rewards.

£150 - Heir To The Core: (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) FULLY DESIGN a non-playable character that will appear within HOARDCORE DUNGEONS.** Also includes the SeekerExplorerAdventurerTreasure HunterMaster Hoarder, and Collector Of Relics (if available) rewards.

Poster Preview!

Please note - This is NOT the final version of the poster. We intend to do a high-definition re-render of this image with improved models and textures. This image is only a preview.

*Cost of Treasure Hunter reward does not include postage fees. Postage fees vary depending on region.

**All names and designs are subject to approval and may be denied if unsuitable.


Currently Stalactite Studios LTD consists of three people, Callum Butler (our lead artist), Paul Haughton (our lead level designer), and Warrick Horsley (our lead programmer). We have all been working together on projects for some time, however in 2016 we made the decision to found Stalactite Studios LTD and begin production on our first official release.

HOARDCORE DUNGEONS came from our love of traditional fantasy stories and action-centered games. We worked constantly to improve and refine the design of the game until we reached a concept that we wanted to share with the world. Having invested so much time, effort, and money into the project already we are determined to see it completed to the best of its potential.

Due to the fact we have already invested a considerable amount of time and money into HOARDCORE DUNGEONS, this fundraising campaign is only to finish development. An alpha build of the game already exists and the game should be ready for early access by September 2017. After the game has launched into early access on steam, everyone who owns a copy will be able to play as we continue to develop and refine the game until it is complete. Completion of the base game is expected before September 2018. Upon completion of the base game downloadable content will be produced to fit demand, however this will cost an additional fee. (Fee not applicable to Master Hoarder donors and above.)

Should the minimum fund of £5000 be reached we will divide it as follows:

£250 - Kickstarter fees
£80 - Steam listing
£3000 - Living maintenance costs
£1000 - Marketing funds
£500 - Equipment costs
£100 - Backer rewards (may vary depending on demand)
£70 - Margin for error

Should we exceed the minimum funding then we will update with additional financial information regarding it's expenditure, primarily however it will be used to fund stretch goals and the hours spent in creating them.

Risks and challenges

The main risk for ongoing development after the early access release of the game is time. As the project is not our full-time job we may occasionally have to lower the amount of content in upcoming updates due to unforeseen circumstances. 
We intend to be as open and honest as possible publicly. Should any circumstances arise that mean any content has to be delayed we will immediately post updates to alert everybody who needs to know. We understand the importance of honesty and openness with a crowdfunded campaign and as such will be incredibly careful to make sure any such information is public.

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