History of the Krios: a Landmark in West Africa!
History of the Krios: a Landmark in West Africa!

A feature length documentary, telling the history of the Krios, from the Black Poor, Nova Scotians, Maroons to the Recaptives Africans

The Krio are people with a unique history and tradition. Their ancestors, the first colonists of the Peninsula on which Freetown stands, were black people brought to Africa from London, Nova Scotia and Jamaica, and ‘Liberated Africans’ freed from slave ships intercepted on their way to the Americas. Never a large group, the Krio people were at first favored subjects of the colonial rulers, and received the full support of the evangelistic and educational outreach of the English-based missionary societies. Soon afterwards they had produced an elite echelon of professionals, academics, clergymen and business entrepreneurs very much in the white man’s image.

Like their Americo-Liberian neighbors in Liberia, Krios have varying degrees of Europeanancestry because some of the settlers were descended from White Americans and other Europeans. Alongside the Americo-Liberians, the Krios are the only recognised ethnic group of African-American, Liberated African, and West Indian descent in West Africa. While their Americo Liberian neighbors culture is primarily westernized, the Krio culture, though also westernized was highly influenced by the large influx of the Liberated African cultures.. The Krios developed close relationships with the British colonial power; they became educated in British-styled institutions and held prominent leadership positions in Sierra Leone under British colonialism.

Krio history has been previously captured in text; yet the inspirational, poignant and exciting elements of its history cannot always be received through print. Nowadays many people choose not to read and get their information from screens not pages.As a world with low adult literacy, the opportunity to share the history with a wider audience is greatly welcomed and will inspire a new generation to appreciate and extend the Krio’s long standing legacy.

Video documentaries are an effective method of communicating the accomplishments of previous generations and their contributions to the continent. We believe by narrating the history of the Krios through a video documentary will increase publicity.

According to our research in preparation for this project, we found that the Krios do not have a documentary in the form of a video.

“History of The Krios: A Land Mark In West Africa”will bear witness to the instrumental role that the Krios have played in West Africa and across the sub region.While acknowledging the efforts of writers and the Krio Descendants Union globally in documenting its history through print, this video documentary will explore opportunities for media communication. As the first Docu-Film on the Krios, the “History of The Krios: A Land Mark In West Africa”will provide a rich bank of characters and stories that will be illustrated through the contemporary medium of high definition video and animation.

heHistory of The Krios: A Land Mark In West Africa” is a unique, comprehensive video documentary that is the result of the coordinated collaboration efforts of Team Krio (Production Team)made up of "Cotton Tree Foundation", “Computronics MultiMedia, the British Chamber of Commerce-SL, Salone Jamboree andthe Krio Descendants Union Global and its peoples working for the development of Sierra Leone and Africa at large.

This video documentary will explore the History, Religion, Culture, Language and contribution of notable Krios, their credibility worldwide and will preserve the history of the Krios.

We believe that by giving increased publicity through a video documentary, individuals, students, scholars and the wider community will have a better understanding and appreciation of our history.

In addition, due to the fact that the Krio History has a wide connection across the world such as the US, UK, Canada, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Equatorial Guinea (Fernando Po) and Cameroon. As a result, the film Premier will be hosted in New York region, Washington Metro area, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, London, Toronto, Lagos and Gambia. At these  It is through this venture that the Sierra Leone diaspora, leaders, scholars, historians, students, and friends of Sierra Leone will glean a better insight of the Krio history.

We are convinced that your support will be mutually beneficial. We sincerely hope that you will consider supporting this vital initiative to document the rich and strong history of Africa.

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