HIRE DJI Matrice 600 + Ronin-MX All around LONDON ,UK,Europe
HIRE DJI Matrice 600 + Ronin-MX All around LONDON ,UK,Europe

We are a photography production company base in London proud to offer this hire service in London, United Kingdom and Europe.  

To have more informations on how this service works and to know the available days of hiring DJI Ronin-MX and/or DJI Matrice 600 please enquire before booking the equipment.

For people that need to hire this equipment for more than one day, please contact us first, check our schedule then book as many days you need to Hire DJI Ronin-MX and/or DJI Matrice 600 simply booking the exact ammount in number of days on the backer area.

For example you need 7 days of DJI Ronin-MX and DJI Matrice 600 in London Backer 7 times the offer you need, so that we know that you need 7 days. 

For people that are willing to get this offer in UK or Europe, please notice that the operator will travel with the equipment and Hotel+travel expenses are excluded. 

The operator will be on your set all day long to help you in set ups, explainations and more.
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For more informations contact us on:


Discover more on Ronin MX: http://store.dji.com/product/ronin-mx

Discover more on Matrice 600: http://store.dji.com/product/matrice-600?from=menu_products

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