Hipture: Mobile Photos Into Beautiful Framed Prints
Hipture: Mobile Photos Into Beautiful Framed Prints

Welcome to our prefundia campaign! We are getting ready for our Kickstarter campaign but wanted to show you what we are working on first. We would love to hear your feedback. Join the community at hipture.com as we prepare one of the best possible prices for our first early bird buckers!

Here is the preview of the compaign:

Before Hipture:

  • 1. Snap photos on your phone
  • 2. Download the photos and convert them to the right format
  • 3. Upload the photos to a generic website and place a complicated order
  • 4. Your order goes to a remote factory to be printed
  • 5. You wait a week for your photos to be printed and shipped to you
  • 6. You receive pixelated prints in mediocre quality frames

Here is how it's done with Hipture:

  • 1. Snap a picture with your phone or choose one from your Instagram
  • 2. Use Hipture App to choose the layout and frame
  • 3. Order your prints with a few taps on your phone
  • 4. Your frame is custom made in a local shop by highly skilled craftsmen and materials which are hand picked for supreme quality
  • 5. Enjoy your stylized colorful framed print and delivered in just few days

Everyone can find a size and style fitting for any occasion! Ocean blue for the baby boy's first beach photo, pink for the princess birthday highlight, white for the elegant portrait, and everything in between.

No more plastic soulless frames with no character. We take our work seriously and pay close attention to the little details in printing, building, assembling, and even packaging!

  • 4 Layouts: single image or a collage to tell a full story
  • 8 Frame colors: from blue or pink to white or gray to match the mood of the images
  • 2 Classic wood frames to match any interior
  • 4 Boards to add an elegant touch and complete look to your orde


  • Quality materials that won't break the bank

You deserve good quality products. Materials are hand picked for supreme quality at the lowest price and are manufactured here in the United States. We’re proud of our craft and guarantee that the frame is made to last!

Our commitment to excellence fuels our passion to create excellent products for you to enjoy that won’t be altered by the test of time.

  • Innovative assembly and hanging system

Let’s face it, hanging artwork is frustrating. Our patented hangers present a simple way for you to showcase your prints in that perfect spot. There’s no hassle or wasted time. You’re welcome.

  • Brilliance of color and fine detail

With some of the best equipment on the market, superior print quality and true accuracy of color is delivered for you with every product you receive.

Personalized & Stylish

Until now, precious photos were placed in boring and generic frames that didn’t do anything to enhance the images they showcased and merely blended in with the wall. A frame can either enhance its content or distract from it. Now you will have a great selections to match your distinct taste and style. Hipture gives you a chance to be creative and decorate your rooms with personalized frames that do more than just frame your photos.

Ever wanted to turn your house into Pinterest-like interior? With just a few elegant touches by adding beautiful frames it is possible! No need to shop around for something to fit your style and still have personal feel to it, just choose the frame which will look best in your room and upload images of significant moments.

To make ordering process easy and enjoyable for you, our team created an app that allows you to upload your favorite pictures directly from your Instagram or photo gallery. It’s simple, beautiful and interactive.

*Originally created for an iPhone, but by reaching extended goals, we will add Android version as well!

  • Elegant and Beautiful Design
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Integrated with Instagram
  • Free in the App Store (available after Kickstarter)

Add a beautiful touch to every room in your house! Use each frame individually or pair 2 or 3 in a row. Great value if you want to keep some for yourself and give few as a gifts. Any color of your choice!

Help Us Spread the Word!

This is where you come in. Thanks to you we can bring Hipture Swim Watch to life and give your images the frame they deserve! Help us spread the word! Let’s bring the value of an image back together!

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