Hike It!
Hike It!


Slides from the deck of Hike It - Oahu 



Hike It! - Oahu Prefundia Promotion Video




As the promo video symbolized, we are trying to turn people from having the mad cow disease of laziness, depression or any other negative emotion and turn it around through nature and an actively pursuit.  Hike it! - Oahu is asking for your help as we prepare to launch and quickly expand throughout the island of Hawaii and on the west coast of the mainland. 


Because of the great backing from friends and other business relationships that Neeley has, the following are the rewards to the future backers of Hike It! 

  • A virtual high five! as well as access to all our latest expansions to more areas near you
  • A free private promo code to download hike it!
  • A brand new Hike It! sticker done by Aliso Print Co
  • A free pocket T donated by Rep Your City Clothing Co. (shirts include a custom professional design of any state or major city you would like)
  • A free 30 day trial with Beachbody or other professional personal training programs
  • Deals on jewelry at Aloha Pearls
  • A free tour of a hike of your choice
  • A free all day tour with one of Hawaii's most up and coming tour guide businesses 
  • And many more to come!


Interview with Aloha Pearls: Q & A about the progression of Hike It! - Oahu

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