Highway System - Creating your own Path
Highway System - Creating your own Path

“Highway System”  is a tabletop strategy game that was inspired by GO & UNO. This game was carefully designed so that each game ends up being a beautiful landscape that is photo worthy.

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Recently, tabletop games are more often than not, becoming very complex. From the game rules, to the amount of game pieces require and even down to the graphics. While the rich gaming experiences are often very enjoyable, it often makes a new game very difficult to learn.

“Highway System” is a tile laying tabletop game that aims to be both minimal yet complex at the same time.

Minimal in the sense that it has very simple game rules so it is easy to learn. The tiles are designed with a minimalistic style, making them both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Yet the simple game rule allows players to approach the game in multiple angles, resulting in a very complex gameplay, almost like chess.


“Highway System” was also designed in a way that the tiles only contains graphics. This allows each round of game ends up looking like a map that the players have co-created. The entire gameplay can then be captured by a single photograph.


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