High Quality, Affordable, Cut-to-Measure Custom Menswear
High Quality, Affordable, Cut-to-Measure Custom Menswear

This project has already launched.

Hi there, we are Steve and Dave. We're the two suits behind Two Suits. Thanks for checkin' us out!


We stumbled across something awesome, and we want to share it with you. This company started so organically and we truly believe in our idea, our product, and our customers. We have outfitted a couple of weddings, suited people for job interviews, special events and Vegas trips. Everyone looks great, and everyone has continued to push us forward. The support we have seen thus far has blown us away and encouraged us to continue to grow our idea into a recognizable brand.



That being said, this is the first business we have launched, and this is the first live website we have built. We have been bootstrapping this project for the past year, and we are finally at the point of trying to bring it to scale. We need your support to have a professional come in and finish our site, polish it up, and streamline the processes. We need your support to finalize arrangements with our distributor and oversee the fulfillment of your rewards. Most importantly, we need your support to prove that our concept will work on a large scale.


It can be intimidating to order a custom suit online. How many pockets do you want? How many buttons? Single or double breasted? Leave the details to us! Two-Suits cut-to-measure suits take all of the guess work out of a sometimes complicated process with our "superior product, simplified process" mentality. We have worked closely with designers, tailors, and distributors to offer a classic look, with a modern update. See all the details of our suits here.


We are just a couple of dudes trying to share with everyone what we have shared with so many people locally. The suits look awesome, they will last a long time, and we are offering them at a price that undercuts anything of similar quality. We are trying to create a cool company that puts our customers first, and in doing so we are trying to break free from the corporate grind.



Check out more info and photos and info on our website and Instagram:




Risks and challenges

The most challenging thing to fulfilling the orders from this KS campaign is getting accurate measurements from each backer. We have created our self-measurement promo pack to be mailed to our backers which takes you through the whole process. Using written, illustrated, and video instructions, we will work with you to be certain that your measurements are taken correctly and accurately. We will then verify your measurements against our database of previous measurement numbers to identify any potential discrepancies. Self measurement is a piece of cake; its a system that works, it shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes. After we get them finalized, we should be able to get your Two-Suits new suit to you in 2-3 weeks.

In the unlikely event of your suit not fitting like you want it fresh out of the box, we also offer a "no questions asked" local alteration credit for our garments. If anything needs to be adjusted, take it to a local tailor, and we will reimburse the cost up to $70, just provide a photo of your receipt. If it costs more... we can talk about covering more. Ultimately, we are going to make sure we get it right. We want you to look as good as possible. We want you to be stoked on your new suit. We want you to tell your friends. We want them to look great too.

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