High End Bluetooth Earphones
High End Bluetooth Earphones


The Bluetooth Earphone market has been flooded with standard and OEM plastic products.

The idea behind the EOZ One is to to bring elegance and timelessness in a device gathering all the most up-to-date audio technologies available.


Crafted from aluminium and leather, the EOZ One is an elegant pair of earphones you can wear for every occasions.


We believe style and tech are not mutually exclusive.

Available in different colour of leather and finishes of metal, the EOZ One is as much a style and personality statement as an advanced audio device.

Wear it how you want, wherever you want.

Nowadays, wireless means freedom. With its big autonomy and its OTG system that allows you to plug your eaphones to your smartphone to charge its battery, the EOZ One is the best travel companion. Travel with style!


Sport or style ? Simply get both!

The EOZ One is sweat and water resistant.
It’s the ultimate fitness-meets-style device. Most earphones will slide off when you move up and down and sweat during runs, the EOZ One stays in place.


For ethical reasons, we follow the path of fashion companies like Louis Vuitton and Stella Maccartney and use vegan leather.

The use of alluminium was very challenging as Bluetooth frequencies and metal usually don’t mix up very well but we’ve finally made it!

The alluminium as an accousitc chamber proved to be a very good choice. Our sound is crystal clear and on-par with the leader of the market. And it looks good, doesn’t it ?


The EOZ One has been deisgned to follow the natural shapes and curves of human ears. Basic geometry and architectural concepts lead us in the way of the perfect ergonomic.

Ever heard of the golden ratio? Also called the “Divine Proportion”, It is a ratio found in nature, in biology, in cosmology and.... in the EOZ One

  • We use a very special process to thermoform the leather to fit perfectly and smoothly the lines of your neck and ears. 
  • The EOZ One is also supplied with 3 pairs of memory foam ear-tips and 3 pairs of silicone injected ear-tips of different sizes for you to chose the most comfortable option. 

You’ll love the feel of leather on your skin.  They don’t hurt, they stay in place and they look like they belong here

  • Activated by your body heat, our memory foam ear tips are manufactured with a material 30 times softer than regular earbuds.

Forget about ear fatigues and pain,forget about interruptions due to speakers falling down, the memory foam will adapt to your ear canal perfectly and block 2 times more decibels than regular earbuds.


Thanks to the aptX® audio technology, the EOZ One delivers CD-like quality audio over a Bluetooth® connection.

The EOZ One aluminium chamber is mounted with a 9mm titanium electrodynamic speaker and offer prenium acoustic properties.

Our sound signature is top shelf and caracterized by powerful bass that retain their clarity even on high volume listening while the mid-high are super clear and crispy .



Each speaker of the EOZ One is powered by its own battery. With 9 hours of music time, 20 days of standbye time, the EOZ One is on the top shelves of the market standard.

It also boasts an OTG technology that allows you to use your phone resources to power your headset.

With about 5% of your smartphone battery, you can get 9 hours of music! And if you run out of juice, you can plug into your phone and listen to your music ON THE GO!



The classic edition:

3 colours are available for the classic edition.

  • Black Leather
  • Beige Leather
  • Blue Leather

Don't hesitate to give us some suggestions on how to enlarge our choice. If the demand is big enough, we even might make an extra colour for Kickstarter!


The "Noir" edition:



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