Hexagonal ruler
Hexagonal ruler

This project has already launched.

Hexagonal Ruler is a multi-functional and metallic ruler that is designed to make sketching handy in seconds. Flashes of inspiration are always unexpected, however normal sketching tools are large in size and not easy to be used in public occasions like cafe. Therefore, I’m inspired to craft 4 pieces of rulers in a moderate size. Each Hexagonal Ruler is only 72x62mm with diverse functions like compass, protractor and template ruler… Tailor-made case carries a set of professional tool along your design journey.

Precise etching presents on 2 different metals to form the ‘Hexagonal Ruler’

Matte black and white painted graduations marked on Electroplated Stainless Steel. The contradiction between two extreme colors makes your work sharper and more remarkable ever.

Wire drawn Brass gives the ruler a nice premium look, while the aging effects of the material will change the look and feel of each piece. As time goes by, Hexagonal ruler will become your personalized stationery.

Each ruler comes with different functions; you can choose your own combination based on your needs.

Hexagonal ruler is a tool that simple, elegant, functional, and easy to use. It brings us for more freedom, quick edits and allows a flow of ideas that is hard to get when you work digitally.

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