Choco Wear
Choco Wear

Early prototype demo:


First ever flexible Smartwatch that also happens be an intelligent fitness tracker. Never recharge again, thanks to its Solar charging.


We took the concept of Smartwatch and stripped it down to its bear minimal and got rid of the things that don't matter.

We know Health-care matters.

The ideal 'Smartwatch' is a harmony of form and function:

1. Personal fitness assistant = Real time stats of Heart Rate variability, VO2max, Calories burnt at a glance.

2. Flexible e-paper display = Fashionable + Sunlight readable

3. Flexible battery in wristband = High capacity + Structural strength

4. Solar Re-charging unit = Never recharge + Eco-friendly fitness device

5. 50% thiner compared to existing Smartwatches

6. Unisex design = Customizable to your own style

Project Plan:

The final prototype is exactly a month away from now and hence the agreements will be signed after that.


May 15th: Final prototype

May 20th: Campaign video and marketing launch

May 30th: Agreements with Valencell and kick off on paper

May 30th: Crowdfunding launch  (or June 15: 2 weeks later if project approval takes time)

Project Period: 60 Days (giving maximum time to improve marketing)

August 15th: Manufacturing Kickoff

September 30th: First Production run from Plastic logic,

October 30th: Finishing testing and send off to our dear watches to a first home/hand.

Final board design with all the required sensors packed. Excluding the power management unit.

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