Heroes of the Great War: Limanowa 1914
Heroes of the Great War: Limanowa 1914

Heroes of the Great War: Limanowa 1914 is a strategy board game based on the events of the Eastern Front of the Great War. In December 1914 in the region of Galicia and the Carpathian Mountains the two armies of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the Russian Empire faced each other. The point of their struggle was to defeat the enemy armies and open the way to the heartland of the enemy - ultimately winning the war. The players' role is to lead his side to victory - which they can accomplish only in cooperation with their ally. The game has a strong focus on historical accuracy and realism - so brace yourself, General Brusilov is at the gates!

Create and execute your battle plans! Call in reinforcements from the hinterland! Lay sieges on strategic towns or lure your enemy into deadly traps! Use your artillery to support your troops in their battles and maraud behind the opponent's lines with your fast light cavalry! Rewrite history and lead your troops to victory!

Tactical War Boardgame

Heroes of the Great War: Limanowa 1914 is of a special kind: most historical wargames are too hard for casual players and most war-themed board games are too simple for hardcore wargamers. Limanowa is great for both groups: you can play the simplest version even if you rarely play board games or use and abuse every asset of the game and create a complex battle simulation.

Historical Accuracy

If you care about historical accuracy, this game is for you: the generals' abilities are based on their life and achievements in the war. Our miniatures are also exact representations of the soldiers of that period - guns, uniforms, beards and mustaches. This game is so historically accurate, even the churches of the towns look similar to their real life counterparts!

Rewrite History

As opposed to most of the war-themed board games who focuses on the events of World War II., Limanowa is set in the Great War. And even when someone makes a game about the Great War, you can be almost sure it will be about the Western Front. Our game, however, is based on the events of the Easter Front - Play again the battles between the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the Russian Empire on an accurate map of the region!

Sophisticated and realistic mechanism

As we mentioned once or twice Limanowa is all about historical accuracy - but how could it be accurate if the behavior and possibilities of the different units defy history? In this game, every unit (different types of infantry, cavalry, and artillery) and features (railway, battle cards, etc.) are based on historical events and real-life military tactics. If you search hard enough you surely can find mentions of such actions in history books!

Modular structure

The unique modular structure of Limanowa ensures that you won't get bored of it soon! The game board consists of four pieces, and each piece has its own minigame. You can play either a long (5 hour) game on the big board or a short (1 hour) minigame on one of these pieces. It means you get 5 (five!) games in one box! Why would you miss this offer?

More to come!

If Heroes of the Great War: Limanowa 1914 funds successfully, then it is not the end of the story: expansions for the game are already planned, with new regions, new units, new generals and more! Fight on an even larger battlefield, with more troops than ever before!


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