Heroclip, making other carabiners jealous
Heroclip, making other carabiners jealous

This project has already launched.

Batman has a utility belt. Wonder Woman has a magic lasso. And you have Heroclip. This hybrid gear clip will save your day by keeping all your gear tethered, upright, secure and exactly where you want it. Go ahead. Revel in those small day-to-day victories. Heroclip's got your back.

Heroclip is like all of your favorite tools in one.

Whether it’s hooking a lantern to a tree branch, a backpack to a fence, a shopping bag to a stroller, a paint bucket to a ladder or keeping your designer purse off the floor while dining, Heroclip comes to your rescue! 

And with this campaign, the Heroclip line will come in multiple sizes and patterns -- just like our backers asked.

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