In this game, players take roles as the common folk of a village attacked by an outsider. They have to recruit a Hero which can range from a Samurai Zombie to a Hippie Panda and then provide supplies to him or her to confront the outsider. Depending on the actions they take, they will be able to provide amazing stuff like a Plasma Cannon, a Shadow Cloak, an Armored Griffin mount or incredible combat techniques, but if they play poorly and have bad luck they will only be able to give away stuff like a Butter Knife, a Giant Flower Bouquet, a pair of Cute-eyed Kittens or ridiculous combat techniques... 

By using transparent cards, players can actually see how the hero looks like when attaching supplies to it. While a Hero is confronting, it's a good idea to prepare another Hero, you know, just in case the one that is battling with all his effort is devoured or crushed... but hurry up because the outsider will be destroying the village every round.

The game campaign is scheduled to begin on March.

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