Hero Smash! The Card Game
Hero Smash! The Card Game

Welcome to Hero Smash! A quick, easy, and fun card game set in the fantastical world of comics! In this game you are a famous, or infamous, Superhero from your favorite ambiguous and heavily licensed comic book franchises! Play as well-known heroes like; Copperboy, ChiropteraMan, and General United States! The game is simple to learn, fun to play, and each game only takes about twenty minutes! The game loosely revolves around the idea of the multiverse, where, in one universe (or play session) Copperboy, the technology boy genius, can be one of earth’s mightiest heroes, while in another universe, he is the dastardliest of villains. Almost no two games can ever be alike!

How It Works

We’ll split the how to play section into a couple of sections: Characters, Enemies, Abilities and Order of Play. 



In every standard deck, there are twenty character cards which are possible for any person to play. The character cards are shuffled, and one is dealt out to each player. You can see the layout of the card above. The type of hero in the right corner will be explained in a little bit. 
Once you get your character card, start thinking up the most fantastical origin/backstory you can for this character. After everyone has given their hero a backstory, vote on whose was the best, whoever gets the most votes goes first in the game.



This is a Minion Card; it is one of the two enemies you’ll be fighting. They look similar to Character Cards, except they don’t have a Supervillain Bonus. They are weaker and easier to kill than Supervillains, and award one point to the Hero who defeats them. The Supervillains of each game are all of the unused Character Cards and are a little harder to defeat than minions, but rewards two points to the Hero who defeats them.



These are Power Cards; they are your hero’s fantastic abilities! On the first turn of the game, you should have seven Power Cards, and will subsequently draw one at the beginning of each turn.

There are three kinds of Powers: Attack, Defense, and Modifier. Attack Powers are awesome abilities like Ice Breath or Laser Vision that deal damage. Defense Powers are abilities like Unbreakable Skin or Reverberation and they can deflect, reflect, or negate a single attack. Modifier Powers do exactly what they say, modify! You can add these bad boys onto any Power to change what they do, like how many times you can use a Power, how powerful it is, or how many people it can effect!

Modifier cards were meant to be strung together to make awesomely long names for your powers, but they matter what order you place them in. The modifiers will affect the Power in exactly the order you play them in, so make sure to place them down correctly.

Order of Play 

Now that the setup is done, start the game! First, you should start with five enemies in the lineup, there can only be a maximum of five. After that, and after the Supervillain bonuses have been dealt with, everyone should place the Power they would like to use that round face down.

You can only play one Attack or Defense Power per turn, but go crazy with those Modifiers! The person whose origin story was voted best reveals his Power first, unless someone else’s Modifier says otherwise, and the order follows him clockwise. After everyone’s Powers are resolved, it’s time for the enemies turn!

Enemies move down the enemy lineup one space at a time, meaning only one new enemy can come out at a time. You can only attack the front most enemy in the lineup, unless a modifier allows you to do otherwise. If an enemy reaches the end of the lineup without being defeated, he deals damage to all Characters weak to his type. Magic beats Machine, Machine beats Mutant, and Mutant beats Magic.

Every Minion you defeat grants you one point and every Supervillain you defeat grants you two points, and the objective of the game is to stay alive and get fifteen points before anyone else does. So get out there, fight some villains, and get some glory!

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