Mobile Phone Website Creator & File Management App
Mobile Phone Website Creator & File Management App

Here’s My World™ is a website creator and file management mobile app for individuals and small businesses that offers big-time management tools in the palm of your hand.

Could a friend update your website for you?  If it was urgent could you get a friend to update your Facebook or Twitter account?  If you lost your glasses could a stranger send a text oe email for you in an airport?   What about updating your website? Could someone around you post a weather delay or closing on your home page.   How about updating the schedule on your kids little league team’s website.  No…. Well why not?   Maybe that’s why you don’t manage your own website..


Here's My World brings a simple social media like content manager to website editing and file management.


What Is It?

Here’s My World™ is a custom website creation and file management mobile app that’s so simple even your grandma can use it… from her smart phone.  Here’s My World™ is the first smart phone based website editor and file management system designed from the ground up for mobile devices.   Here’s My World™ allows individuals and small businesses to create and edit simple, elegant websites on the fly by accessing the content on their mobile device without having to download anything to a desktop computer first. Here’s My World’s ™ phone based website editor has a social network like intuitive feel to it so if a user can log on to a website, create a new contact on their phone, post a tweet or upload a picture, then they can easily create or edit a website using our system.  Since the Here’s My World™ basic content manager is free it can be downloaded to any smart phone so that an employer or manager could easily "hand off" the website updating responsibility to any employee.  

A Universally Available Website Content Manager App

This universal access to our content manager allows you to get help from any one around you that has a smart phone, tablet or desktop. Even your kids can help out if you get stuckJ The quick learning curve and our down loadable free web site app allows a webmaster to be replaced and retrained in minutes using any device anywhere.  If you need professional help you can assign a different administrator to individual pages or entire sites so you can easily get support from a graphic artist or web designer but you always retain the ability to edit your sites yourself, even from your phone.   If you need a really quick site and already have a document, professionally produced flyer or brochure the Here’s My World™ system is flexible enough so that you can just upload your file to one of your sites and it will become your web page.   Visitors to your site can click on your page and download the document back to it’s original format.   You can even run live feeds from your existing social sites through any Here’s My World™.  Do you have a folder full of pictures that you want to share?  Our integrated file management system allows you to post a file folder (even from your phone) to one of your sites for all to enjoy.  Since every web page in the HMW system can be password protected so only those that you want have access to your sites.  

Not Just an App---Full website support as well.

While you can access all the content from your mobile devices to create Here’s My World™ Websites, FTP Folders and online file folders without downloading to a desktop computer first, you can also create and access all the same content from any computer anywhere using the Here’s My World companion website


 How Does It Work? 

After you sign into the Here’s My World™ Website Content Manager, you pick a website category you want to create a site for (Like Yellow Page Ad). Next, choose a template that shows the content or fields you need to tell your customers about so they will understand your service or organization (e.g. address, store hours, menu of services or slide show). The Here's My World system will walk you through entering the information or uploading the pictures or videos you need to display as if going through a checklist.   Then you hit publish.   Your web site can be published to one of our free hosting categories to start or you can choose to host it to a traditional private domain right away.    It's that easy.

 Use templates from our web page categories or get creative and drag and drop fields to create your own distinctive site

Why is there a need for Here’s My World™

In his small businesses the founder, Jeff Holden, owned several websites of which all needed to be updated through a webmaster who was usually overseas and language issues were a constant problem.  Even the simplest changes could not be done “In House” by either himself or his employees.   Jeff also had been paying for online Yellow Pages advertising to the tune of $200 per month, which was basically a simple landing page (Web Page) that was linked to the Yellow Pages company directory.  Even these landing pages were not updateable in house and appeared to be less effective than Jeff’s free social media sites in delivering traffic to his businesses. The final straw came when a simple website was needed for the Indian Guides troop that Jeff was chief of and none of dads, (which that consisted of doctors, lawyers, graphic artists and other professionals) could easily put together a simple site where directions to campouts, sign up forms and photos of the kids could be securely shared and that any of the dads could easily edit or update. 

Need a quick and easy website? There needed to be an app for that.

Not being able to easily create a simple web site without having to learn a new online program was the final straw.  In the day when hotels and flights could be booked from a app on your phone and revolutions could be started on Twitter, something just didn’t feel right.   Websites were still primarily managed and controlled by a webmaster or by dedicated amateurs that spent countless hours in front of their desktops, tweaking their own sites but still paying large companies for hosting.  There needed to a better way for busy people to produce and update simple websites as easily as they could manage their social sites and there needed to be a web site content manager that was universally available for free and would work from tablets and smart phones.   Finally there needed to be a free place to host all of those quick little sites to that made sense but did not require the trouble and expense of private domains. In short there needed to be app for that and none existed so Jeff set out creating Here’s My World.


See the Here’s My World™ content manager in action creating a web site in less than 5 minutes in the demo below.


This was an early prototype, but still shows the capabilities of the system.  In many ways, it's easier for us to create this system than for some of the bigger players since we were starting with all new code. We're not just trying to take an existing system and shrink in down to fit a cell phone screen.


What it isn’t 

Here’s My World ™ IS NOT an existing website management system that has just been shrunk down to try to make it work on the small screen of a smart phone.  Here’s My World ™ is the result of a three year project that incorporates almost 3000 hours of all new code designed with best practices and integration with HTML5.  Here’s My World ™ IS NOT a basement project created by one talented designer.  Our system has been built by a multinational software development company and a team of very talented software engineers to the specifications of one small businessman who saw a desperate need for an all encompassing website and file management system built to handle the challenges of our modern and ever-changing world.  Here’s My World ™ provides and intuitive social network like content manager but it IS NOT a social network.  While there are ads on the web pages generated by the Free Versions of Here’s My World ™ on the low cost monthly subscription service there are no ads on the sites and Here’s My World ™ DOES NOT collect personal marketing information on its members.

Here’s My World™ automatically creates and posts a duplicate of ever web page that it optimized for mobile devices.    For Free!!! 


What else can it do?

Once the Here’s My World ™ system was prototyped, it became apparent that it was a very capable system and could be used to serve many groups and organizations that traditional had very small or non existent website budgets like  pre-schools, classrooms, little league teams, Girl Scout troupes, churches, even Indian Guide tribes.   You can even crate quick temporary web pages almost any event bake sales, yard sales and even online lost pet posters. 


While the  Here’s My World system can create and edit simple landing pages (basically online yellow pages ads) or fully functional multi page websites that incorporate automatic Search Engine Optimization, social network sharing buttons as well as automatically creating mobile optimized sites that mirror every page.  We provide generic templates that will lay out your page for you for several different types of groups and organizations so you can just fill in the blanks.  If you want to get creative you can choose from some 40 different function and your can drag and droop fields until you create the kind of page you need.   You can also generate a single web page, that you can edit, which can be inserted into and existing custom site with no compatibility issues. Think of a chef in a restaurant being able to  update the online menu from his computer or phone but not having access to the rest of the restaurant web site. 

Here’s My World ™  is much more that just a web site creator.  It is also a integrated file management system

It’s like having a IT department in the palm of your hand!

By definition websites have to have access to files, which contain all of the photos, videos and other files and content necessary to build the sites.  Once you have created a file management system that’s designed to be accessed from any computer or mobile device, it just makes sense to incorporate into the system many of the tools and file management features many users currently get from mutable sources.  Here’s My World™  has a cloud storage system similar to Dropbox™ a large file send and retrieval service like YouSendIt™ or Hightail™, and we have also incorporated a password protected FTP folders like FileZilla™.   To easily manage a website editor and all of the file management systems mentioned above we needed to create a mobile desktop that mimics a traditional Windows based desktop but is optimized form mobile devices so that you can drag files from one folder to another with just the tip of your finger.


Where do you host the sites to?  The Dawn of Disposable websites.
You can create a traditional private domain using Here’s My World with your own .com or .net like you can with any traditional website hosting company and your costs would be similar.  However, we also provide dozens of free directories where you can post your site.  Most people think of websites being a permanent web presence.   We tend to think of most sites being generated by the Here’s My World ™ system as being temporary and we provide free directories or categories that make sence for your group, organization or event. You could think of Here’s My World as being like a giant Yellow Pages Directory that is free and a place where you can give your sites a home

How do the Here’s My World FREE Category’s and Mirrored pages work? 

Our categories operate much like a Kickstarter or Prefundia site in that your sites name is a sub domain of the main domain like www,  Like with these companies you can easy generate a simple single page site but Here’s My World sites can also generate fully functional multi-page websites with integrated file management and FTP folder capabilities.  Our categories are free for you to just to have a place to tweak your site while you decide on a private domain name or it can be your permanent home.  When you post your HMW site to one of our category domains you have the added advantage of having your site be found more quickly, since web crawlers will already search our domains.  Think of how fast something is searchable on Youtube or Twitter after you post.  Search finds you quickly because you are part of an existing domain.  New private domains can take weeks to propagate through the Internet.   You can even host your Here's My World site to a traditional private domain but also have all or part of your site be "mirrored" and have a second website in our "Here's My Yellow Page Catagory" This doubles your chances customers finding your site and since you are mirroring your main site, if you update one page it's "Mirror Page" is also automatically updated. 


Websites are not just for business anymore. 

Is there a website for that?? 

Now the question everyone now asks ”is there a web site for that” and everyday people, businesses owners, teachers, administrators, little league coaches, Indian Guide chiefs and everyone who organizes the bake sale or church benefit are going to be forced to say “why yes there is” and they are going to have to scramble to make it happen.   The Here’s My World™ Quick Web site application is for the unlucky organizers that have had the baton of webmaster passed to them.     The HMW Quick Web Site Application will the go-to program when you need a quick website or just a page and you need it now.  We even give you a free directory to host your sites to so you don’t have to go the trouble and expense of a private domain registration.  


Your can host your sites to a traditional private domain or park your temporary sites for free into one of our FREE website categories

Who would use Here’s My World?

You can create single web pages or fully functional password protected multipage sites that can include slide shows, videos, social media feeds, and online password protected FTP file folders.   Here’s My World Sites are great for anyone who wants a simple to use site that they can edit themselves, where they can post the most up to date information on a easy to find site that everyone can access, even if that information only exists on a smart phone.


Common users would include.


  • Business people wanting to create additional landing pages to help drive traffic to their main site.
  • Store owners that want to create and update their own yellow page like ads or landing pages.
  • Business managers that want to assign different pages of the company website to different employees to update, like a restaurant manager assigning the menu page of their website to the head chef  so her or she make changes to the menu offering or update daily specials.
  • Webmasters and developers that want to create Here’s My World pages within custom sites that can be updated by their customers (Even from their smart phones) without giving them access to the entire site.  This would allow the webmaster to concentrate on the hard custom stuff and let their customers do the simple updates themselves
  • Graphic designers that what to be able to easily send and receive large files directly to and from their online cloud storage
  • Any industry that has graphic intensive files that need secure or unsecured online file folders to post large numbers of organized FTP folders to, for easy downloading by their customers
  • Teachers whose schools do not have individual classroom web sites where they can post homework assignments and class projects and even pictures taken on their phone of student art work, projects or field trips.
  • Students or coworkers that need a website where the can collaborate on projects and all have access to the latest updated files.
  • Coaches and Scout leaders that what a place to post sign up forms, game schedules and the latest team pictures in password protected folders for parents to download
  • Anyone that needs a quick temporary web site that can be send as a link using email, text or twitter or that can be linked to from Craig’s List or newspaper ads to provide additional maps, photos, videos or other in-depth and detailed information.
  • Anyone needing to provide information for events like church bake sales, silent auctions, parties, concerts, yard sales, or even lost and found information.

 What if your school does not have a classroom web site? Here’s My Classroom example

Let’s say you are a teacher and your school does not have or can’t afford a website.  You can create your own password protected classroom site where you can post homework assignments, kids artwork, classroom photos and you even could provide a FTP folder where kids could upload a project to.   You could display the project on a TV using your phone and a HDMI cable.   If you name was Mrs. Jones your website could look something like this  

































Not Just an App---Full website support as well.

While you can access all the content from your mobile devices to create Here’s My World Websites, FTP Folders and online file folders without downloading to a desktop computer first, you can also create and access all the same content from any computer anywhere using the Here’s My World companion website


How Can I Help?

After 8 months and almost 3000 hours of code, we've learned software development is expensive.  "Who knew?!"  We need you to help us bring this high powered system to the people.  Our founder, Jeff Holden, isn't a software programmer.  He’s just a regular guy and small business owner who grew tired of having to go to multiple places to satisfy his small business’ online computing needs.  Oddly, no system could combine the services he needed at any price, so he decided to build the solution himself.  Now he wants to bring his vision of the personal integrated IT department in the palm of your hand to other small business owners and any reluctant individuals who have had the mantle of webmaster and IT guru thrust upon them by their groups and organizations.   

After eight long months of creating all new code the Here's My World system is almost finished and ready to go into beta and we just need a little bit of help to bring this project in for a landing.  In Today's market and you’ll feel good knowing that you've helped build a survival tool so many small businesses and individuals need.  Just think... by contributing to Here’s My World™, the business you save might be your own!

 We're asking for a relatively modest amount: $10,000 — this sum will cover the rest of our development and testing expenses and allow us to pay our computer programmers without having to do their laundry or wash their cars for the next 10 years.

The Dirty Secret – 40% of small business DO Not have a website

Message from the founder 

Big dreams are just that...dreams.  Without drive, resources, and a qualified team, very few big dreams become realities.  It took two years to find a software company that was willing to tackle this pioneering and enterprise level project.  Our partner, Inficare Technologies (link), is a multinational software development firm based in Washington DC, that serves Fortune 500 hundred companies, US government agencies, and medium sized businesses.  They have been diligently writing and refining the necessary code for Here’s My World™ since March of 2013. Without their trust, competence, and commitment, our dream could not have made it this far.  To everyone at Inficare, I just want to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and also a Big Thank You to all out you out there that are helping to make this dream a reality! 


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!


 Jeff Holden, Founder of Here’s My World™


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