Here'sMyGPS - Location tracker system - Complete cloud based product line with web & mobile apps
Here'sMyGPS - Location tracker system - Complete cloud based product line with web & mobile apps

Here’sMyGPS location sharing cloud-based system: The web & mobile apps & upcoming future product line

Track family members, pets, objects, smart watches, smart wearables, cars, fleet, buses – Any person or object.

Hi, I’m Jeff Holden, the owner of Holden global technologies Inc., proudly present to you, the most user-friendly and useful GPS location tracking system using which you can do all that you have ever dreamed of, notably the following:

Track the Geolocation and even satellite view of any person or any object which is part of the system and has been added to the apps (Web or Mobile) under any map.

The future product line of our system ie Heresmygps integrable hardware products like IoT hardware and SOS Collars, pet collars, senior citizen help collars and a lot more is under analysis and is due for development.


The present known uses of this system are:

  • Search and rescue
  • Tracking people in trouble
  • Tracking people in Distress
  • Family security - tracking family members anytime
  • Keep track of friends - wherever they go
  • Track even just your pizza delivery guy
  • Track employees or staff 
  • Security agencies like 911, police & others can track and trace people in trouble
  • Track any online web, Android or ios devices 
  • Track pets thru pet collars(future development)
  • Track elderly people thru senior citizen SOS Collars(Future development)
  • Track wearables(future development)
  • Track smart watches(future development)
  • Track cars(future development)
  • Track buses(future development)
  • Track criminals/offenders(future development) 
  • Track people who are kidnapped/taken hostage etc thru the SOS collars(future development) & so on.
  • There are a lot of other uses and due to space constraint are not mentioned here.


Here’s My GPS turns your smart phones & web into two-way GPS transmitters

Here’s My GPS is a cloud-based mobile/web platform- The web & mobile application that with one click captures your phone’s GPS coordinates and generates your own private Google Map. It then creates a unique searchable Map ID or “channel” which you can name. The moment you turn the app on and push the share button, it transmits your location to the HMGPS website and application server. This allows your phone to act as a homing beacon letting family, friends or even roadside assistance to pinpoint your exact position. Others can join your map using their own app or they can just view you on the website with no app or download needed. SinceHMGPS allows you to create your own “map channels” with easy to remember names, it is the only mapping application that allows you to verbally share your mobile map location instantly over the phone.  You can also send a traditional map link via text or email.

HeresmyGPS can be well integrated into IoT based hardware and devices this is a future development for us as we are working with numerous vendors and partners for making this a reality and you can help us make it a reality by contributing to this campaign. Check it out on our campaign website, kickstarter and other funding websites and do contribute as per your choice and support to the cause of helping people in trouble as well as taking care of the elderly and kids and it is an overall noble cause of helping all those who need help and cannot be location tracked at the moment. 

Here's My GPS creates private password protected map channels and allows you to use your phone like one way homing beacon or a two-way GPS Walkie-Talkie

Technological details:

Here’s My GPS uses assisted GPS and Google location based services to find your position with a possible accuracy of 10 to 25 feet.

Here's My GPS uses the assisted global position system (A-GPS) and Google’s location-based services (G-LBS) to pinpoint your location.  This enhanced system uses cell towers, wireless networks & routers as well as GPS satellites to find your position with a possible accuracy of 15 to 25 feet.  It also can locate many tablet computers to an accuracy of about 150 feet, even if they don’t have a cellular data connection. If you can see yourself on Google maps you should be able to share your location using HMGPS.  Here’s My GPS in no way replaces calling 911 and of course phones positioning system may not be accurate but HMGPS does offer you an important “Plan B” when trying to share your location.  Here’s My GPS also works if you are in motion while most other systems only provide your stationary location. Here’s MY GPS web system is hosted on AWS (Amazon web services cloud) & apps are on Native platforms – Android (under analysis & development) & ios (under analysis). In future we plan for windows, blackberry, Symbian versions of the app as well as extensibility/integration of all smart wearable’s like watches or collars, SOS collars, SOS bracelets etc. for girl/child/senior citizens/women security and other wearables for the security of all. We are focused on everyone’s security when making this application Live and would make all these products a reality as well with your help and contribution.

What do you do when someone you love asks for your help but they can’t tell you where they are?

A real life frantic tear-filled call from a scared little girl to her uncle inspired the Here’s My GPS application

Two years ago Jeff Holden received a call from his 9-year-old Niece, Meredith, from her moving school bus.  A clerical error had caused the bus driver to skip Meredith’s bus stop and it was unclear at what fire department, school or other “Safe Place” where she was going to be left.  Trying to intercept the school bus before his Niece was dropped off at a strange place resulted in slow speed car chase across the city with neither his niece nor her friends being able to relay the buses exact location. This situation made it painfully clear that if this had been an actual emergency, there is no easy way to walk a novice cell phone user through sharing their exact position, especially when they are on the move.  The Here’s My GPS application addresses this problem.

    HMGPS Owner Jeff Holden and Niece Meredith Crosslin

The HMGS application can be sent via text and installed and set up quickly just entering the cell phone’s number.  1 click shares your exact mobile position on a private map.  HMGPS uses private map channels and it requires no prior permissions to use.  Your default Map channel ID is your cell phone number so is easy to provide your Map ID verbally over the Phone. 

Your Map ID can be your name, your phone number or any name you want.

You can even create custom disposable IDs for one-time use.  Even assign your

Map’s passwords to protect your privacy

Just search for Map ID 74570 Use Password… SAFE

Like other location services you can use Here’s My GPS to share your position with others by sending a link by text, email, or by posting the link to a social network.  If you can’t send a link, for instance, if your driving, or if someone can’t receive an email or text (like most roadside assistance or 911 emergency operators) you can verbally just tell someone your Map ID over the phone and they can still find you on the Here’s My GPS website. 

HMGPS uses GPS Satellites, wireless networks & cell towers to pinpoint your position. The 911 System only uses Cell Tower Triangulation and requires your phone to be in contact with at least 3 towers to approximate your location within 150 -1000 feet 

Just one click shares your exact location. Even if you can’t share a link.

Sharing your location is simple.  There is a big Quick Share button on the home page of the HMGPS application which instantly starts transmitting your location when your press it.    Now you can verbally tell someone your ID over the phone and they can search for you on the HMGPS website or app.  The HMGPS app also automatically opens your normal sharing options so you can send a link via text, email or on social networks. 


You can name your map channel ID’s anything you want but the ID defaults to the user’s cell phone number. Since that number will also pop up on caller ID, having your cell number as your Map Channel ID makes it easy to communicate your maps name and your position even with a bad connection or if the call is being listened to from a recording.  The GPS tracking turns off automatically after a few hours to protect your privacy and you can also set a password to gain access to your map channel.  You can manually turn off the tracking feature at any time or leave it on permanently and create a private Map ID for family and friends.   HMGPS does not need a cellular connection to pinpoint your position and share your location. It will work with Wi-Fi or any Hotspot with an Internet connection.  If you can see your location on Google Maps and if you have a live Internet connection, you can share your position with Here’s My GPS.

Just two easy to use screens and a big “Share my location” button


HMGPS has only two main screens so it’s easy to use. The Home Screen has easy to follow verbal instructions and one big quick share button. The map screen shows all user tag’s mobile positions.

 You can create multiple map channels and assign each other an easy to remember Map name.  This makes it simple to verbally direct someone over the phone to your map and share your exact position.

 The Here’s My GPS verbal option is safer and easier than composing a text or email while driving.  It only takes one click to pinpoint your position on a Google map and to tell anyone exactly where you are even if you don’t know your exact address or what road you are on. Since Here’s My GPS is based on Google maps so you don’t need an app or any other download just to view a shared location on a map. All you need is any Internet-connected device.

No one has to install the app or download anything for you to share your location.  Any Internet-connected device can display an HMGPS map.  You only need the app to join a map.  If you can view your location on Google maps you can share it with HMGPS.

Using the Here’s My GPS app anyone can join your map channel so you can all see each other in the real-time like a GPS Walkie Talkie.  When anyone leaves your map channel you can no longer see them and they can’t see you. You can create a permanent map for businesses, events or teams but you can also create a map with one click that shows your location as a fast way to let friends and family know exactly where you are and how far you are from home without constant update calls. It easy to track individuals but you can also track the locations of fleets of vehicles like school buses, taxis, or delivery services and post those public maps to any website so everyone can be aware of all of your vehicle’s locations.

You can even create your own Uber…Sort of ;-)

The actual apps screens have a lot of features and functionalities as shown below: 

In February 2015 the national newspaper USA Today released an investigation titled:

911’s deadly flaw: Lack of location data.

According to USA Today’s investigation, emergency calls to 911 operators only return the locations of the caller's cell phones about 50% of the time. The 911 systems only use cell tower triangulation to fix positions with an accuracy of about 150 to 1000 feet and your phone must be within a range of at least 3 cell phone towers.   Surprisingly 911 doesn’t use GPS satellites and does not work very well if the caller is using a cell phone inside a home or business.

USA Today front page February 22, 2015.  911’s deadly flaw: Lack of Location Data.

  Here’s My GPS, whether you are just keeping up with family and friends or if you need a “Plan B” when helping someone to find you. 

Here’s My GPS is not a substitute for 911 but it does offer a Plan B if 911 can’t locate you.  It’s also an easy way to give any roadside assistance operator your position if you don’t know your address.   Even if you are just keeping up with family or friends. Here’s My GPS is a great way to put yourself on the map and keep track of anyone’s location if they have agreed to the same! 

 Advanced business quality system available for everyone

 Anyone can view your map and location on a mobile device or desktop computer using the Google Maps application without loading the Here’s My GPS app.  If they can open a text, click on a link, or key in a short map ID number on the Here’s My GPS website, they can view your map and the location of anyone on the map as they move about. Anyone can join your map if they have the Here’s My GPS application by simply opening a text, clicking on a link and entering a short map ID number into their app. You do not need to be prior friends to join a map as long as you have the map ID. This allows the map ID to also act like a password, preventing unwanted people from viewing or joining a private map. 

 How it works - everyone can join your map.

Once you create a Here’s My GPS map, your app generates a unique user id number and a map link that you can share via text, email, or by posting to social networks. You can even share the ID verbally and then enter it onto the Here’s My GPS website to view or join the map. Anyone receiving a link can simply click on it to view the map using the Google Maps app already on his or her phone. The link also allows them to download the free Here’s My GPS app and they can join a live map. If for some reason they can’t receive the link via text or email, they can still view your map by going to the Here’s My GPS website and entering the map ID in a regular web browser. They also can join the map from their mobile device by downloading the app and keying in the map ID manually on their keypad. This way the person generating the map has the option of maintaining their privacy since there is no need to share the cell phone number, email, or other contact information.

 It’s fast and easy to share your location.

Save the day by texting everyone in your group your location in just seconds, even if you don’t know exactly where you are. Just as quickly as you can open your app and hit the “create new map” button, you can create a live map that anyone can open and see your current location on, as long as they can view a google map (even from a desktop computer). 

It’s almost as fast to join a live map.

If you have the Here’s My GPS app installed on your phone, you can join an emailed or texted map link just by clicking on the shared URL. You don’t even need to be able to receive an email or text with a link to join the map. If someone specifies his or her map ID (like during a phone call) you can just type the short map ID number into your app and immediately join the live map and then everyone on the map can see each others’ locations. You have to have a link or the map ID to find the map. This allows the ID to act as a password, protecting you from others viewing or joining your map. 

Why it’s different - simplicity and privacy

Most GPS location-sharing applications require both parties to be part of the same circle or network, or friends in some other way. Basically, you have to know each other and agree to share your locations and contact information before you can join a mutual map. This makes quickly sharing your location with a casual friend, delivery person, taxi driver or even a police or ambulance service problematic. Besides, do you really want to be permanent friends with a tow truck driver or the pizza delivery guy? Here’s My GPS provides a temporary quick link that is cut when the map is closed. 

 Since the Here’s My GPS map ID can be randomly generated by the mobile app, it allows you to make a temporary connection with a stranger or associate while you organize a drop-off or pick-up from your exact location, but at the same time, retaining your privacy by not sharing contact information. Once the map is closed, all links are severed between the parties on the map and everyone’s privacy is maintained.

 It’s easy and secure to provide a map to your exact location.

Imagine your daughter’s car breaking down on the side of the highway one night. She could text you her map ID, then you could instantly see her location on the highway and easily navigate to her. If you joined her map, she could see you and know exactly how far away you were and watch as you moved toward her. If she was in another city or state, she could call AAA or some other roadside assistance service operator and verbally give them her ID. The operator could go to the Here’s My GPS website and key in the ID and immediately know her exact location. If the operator gives the ID to a dispatched tow truck driver, that driver can instantly see her location by keying into the website without needing an exact address (which is tough to figure out in the middle of the highway at night). The driver can just view her (and his own location) on Google maps, but if he joins the map, she can see him as he proceeds toward her. You can also view the entire interaction on your desktop or PC. 

 Added Security - Only people you choose can join your map.

It is impossible for anyone to join your map or even to view it if they don’t have a link or your map ID, so there is an added security benefit for having someone join your map. In our stranded driver example: if someone approaches your car and they are showing on your map, they must have been dispatched by the roadside assistance operator and given your map ID. If they aren’t on your map, get out the mace. 

Track school and church activity buses.

School budgets are tight, but there is no reason why principals and parents can’t keep track of all school bus locations. A Here’s My GPS map can be posted as a link on the school website so parents can track their own kid’s bus but the driver cannot see you. Just viewing a map does not require joining the map, or even having the app installed. You just need Google Maps to view mobile locations on the map. Church websites can post a Here’s My World map so everyone can know the location of activity buses.

 A little about the inventor: 

2nd Lt. Jeff Holden is an officer in the USA air force auxiliary civil air patrol. He is a patented inventor, children's book writer, own a sales agency for 20 years and works in search and rescue for the USA air force civil air patrol. It is imperative and important to say that this Here’s my GPS system is owned, designed and developed by a real search and rescue officer himself for all possible such operational future of this product. The owner 2nd Lt. Jeff Holden is with USA air force – civil air patrol himself and he designed this system to be all useful to 911 & all other security and Government agencies as well as citizen safety in mind.

Although the system has been initiated and analysed and some testing & development has been started but to get it live including all cloud based web & mobile apps( Native android & ios) as well as future product lines such as wearable's, SOS collars, Android Collars, pet collars and so on - we really need the help and support of all people.

So it is requested to all the users and all the people who are reading this project overview to come forward and help and support this noble cause to make this application and all future developments a reality after which we can even move towards to have a crime free environment and search and rescue possible without hassles. Also, this system has hundreds of personal, business & Developers( Hardware) uses as well only some of them were possible to be highlighted above.

2nd Lt. Jeff Holden and his team look forward to your help and support in any way possible.

To all those who contribute to this project and making it a reality - we have several takeaways in the form of goods and distributable rewards along with PRO versions of the platform available for your use only. Some of the rewards are as below: 

So what are you waiting for?

- Contribute to this project and take away your reward and also be part of this miraculous journey to make this great product for a noble cause - live and successful!

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