Here’s My GPS App: Turns smart phones into GPS transmitters with 1 click
Here’s My GPS App: Turns smart phones into GPS transmitters with 1 click

Inspired by a real life situation

Here's My GPS - Bike wreck and lost in the woods.


How do you tell someone where you are if your not sure...where you are?

Just opening the Here’s My GPS app turns on the GPS tracking transmitter instantly broadcasting your location on a live map. There is nothing to set up and you don’t have to do anything else other than tell someone your Map ID. A timer automatically turns off the tracking after a few hours.

Just open the app. The GPS trasmitter starts and turns itself off in a couple of hours.

Here's My GPS- Verbally tell someone your map ID over the phone or send a link via email or text.

Just verbally tell someone your Map ID over the phone and they can instantly find you.

Detailed Here's My GPS introduction video and slow speed bus chase story

A USA Today National Investigation in February of 2015 found that over 1/2 of 911 cell call's did not return a location. 

What's your Plan B if your need help and 911 can't find you?   Here's My GPS, Plan B

See the full USA Today 911 investigation online

Here's My GPS. Other's can join your map and you can see everyone's position live

Using the Here’s My GPS app, anyone can join your map so you can all see each other in real time. You can create a permanent map for businesses, events or teams, but you can also create a map with one click that shows an individual’s location as a fast way to let friends and family know exactly where you are and how far you are from home without constant update calls. It’s easy to track individuals but you can also track the locations of fleets of vehicles, like school busses, taxis, or delivery services, and post those maps to any website so everyone can be aware of all of your vehicles locations.

Here's My GPS--For work and for play 

Here's My GPS--Use it everyday

HMGPS..Search for the party or Instant "Search Party"

Here's My GPS- Put your mobile business on the map

HMGPS Prototype test-Proof of concept video

An early version of HMGPS--Proves easy searching and position lock while in motion.  It even found Miranda's tablet with just a wi-fi connection.  

Script Test Video-  A quick 3 minute video to test read the script. 

This was video was shot at 2 locations in about 30 minutes

So what to you do when your car get's stuck in the mud?.. Make a video about it of course!

 USA Today Investigation--Feb. 22 2015- 911's Fatal Flaw 

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