Helpful Humans Fundraiser
Helpful Humans Fundraiser

This project has already launched.

Helpful Humans USA is building an online community for students and independent retirees to easily connect and trade a spare room in return for chores and companionship. 


Our mission is to fill the growing need for Retirees and Elderly in need of non-medical domestic assistance and companionship, and students in need of safe and comfortable short term housing during the school year studying away from home.

We will do this by building an online community where these users can register and find other like minded individuals who are willing to trade some of their excess time or space to help someone in need!

We will use this technology to create a trust based partnership between people while using modern technology to ensure everyone's safety and property is protected and everyone communicates and gets along before entering into a partnership.

Elderly and Retirees often spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year and are burdened by domestic tasks needing done around their homes, as college students studying away from home are often forced to take out student loans or borrow money from a number of other sources to cover the costs of room and board.

We help to pair up elderly/retirees with a room or spare living space with students willing to take on some chores around the house and bring some energy to the home to create a symbiotic relationship.

People helping people in a more personal and meaningful way where both parties get what they need and aren't expected to pay an arm and a leg.

We also believe that the benefits of this type of relationship are unlimited and that the crossing of generational borders allows people to share their knowledge of life, the world, and experience and in turn understand whats hip and happening in the world currently.

As we age things change so fast and life experience is priceless, but some young people miss out on the perspective of an elder, meanwhile relevant things often pass our elders by that they wish they'd have kept up with, and they get to the point where its so hard to learn that its easier to just give up, Helpful Humans hopes to improve on these things by keeping people engaged, communicating, and helping one another.

Funding Update

We have scaled down the startup costs from our original estimate, using a leaner business plan, to be able to more quickly develop and get the site fully up and running.

We will generate a pool of users that can start participating based on local availability and we foresee the number of registered users that are in high potential areas to organically rise, as opposed to our original plan which involved more direct, outreach based community bases in multiple target areas that would be locally developed, which proved to be much more expensive than necessary.

The alternate route is that Helpful Humans will assess the areas with the most registered users and divert community outreach and funding for local office space as needed while our community develops.



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