Help Tyler Stenson Record a New Album
Help Tyler Stenson Record a New Album

This project has already launched.

THE PROJECT is simple; I want to record an album -- now. I say now because I am proud to say my wife and I have a baby on the way (and if I don't get to it now, it may be a while before this first-time-daddy gets around to it). I have all the songs written and the people in place to make it happen, now I just need the funds to execute. Cue YOU.
THE THEME of this record is contentment. I spent years writing sad songs, then clicked into high reaching motivational mantras. However, this is a record about being content with life in the middle. It’s not about being too high, it’s not about being too low -- it’s about being "steady as I go" (the album title!) --  comfortably happy with where I am, in all things. A great place to be.
YOUR INVESTMENT can be any amount; high, low or steady as you go. Just know it will help me make and master a 10-song album with producer Cary Samsel (of Samsel and the Skirt), film a featured music video (with Americonic Films) and print physical CDs for posterity.
YOUR REWARD will vary, depending on the size of your contribution, but think of it as a win-win team effort. You invest now, I go record the album, then we get to enjoy it together. Forever.
I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH: This album cannot and will not happen without you. I have spent years writing these songs but that is the extent of my abilities -- the new music will never see the light of day without the funds to pay the fine recording professionals their humble dues.
AGAIN, THANK YOU. Please help spread the word and don't whisper softly the things you want loudly to be.

Much love,


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