Help Support Brett Butler's Debut Album
Help Support Brett Butler's Debut Album

This project has already launched.

Hello Music Lovers!

I'm really happy and excited to finally bring this magic to life.

My name is Brett Butler.

I'm a small town kid from Aurora, Canada (close to Toronto) and although I was never privileged, I never stopped believing in myself and my only goal is to be in a position where I can help others achieve their goals as well.

It's only been me and my dad and as an only child I had to really learn how to be responsible early on and provide for myself. My dad tries everything to make me happy and works really hard every day. He tried putting me in golf with hopes of me going professional and although I was a good golfer, after some years he realized it was more of his dream rather than mine. He even tried to open up a business and get a business loan just to support my career, but didn't end up getting approved. It was actually his idea to try crowdfunding so that's what brings me here to reach out to all of you.

In the past 2 years, I have been creating music, rehearsing, performing, and connecting with many people around the world online with the purpose of bringing people together through music, singing, and living the life of music. My music is heart felt and everyone says my music touches them and I want it to touch you as well.

I have been so unbelievably fortunate to connect with such amazing people including a project manager for AEG worldwide.

For so many years, many of you are asking me for these songs, for recordings, an album…Something you can listen and connect to…

Just this year, I recorded my most inspirational song "Love is the only thing I know" at Metalworks Studios in Mississauga, Canada.

Here's where you can listen to some of my music:

Instagram: @brettbutlermusic


Now it is time for more!!!


We have 40 days to make this magic happen!

The deadline for the campaign is June 10th! Let's make it happen!


Many of you have met me online and in person and I am very grateful and blessed that we shared so many beautiful moments.

Some of you are singing my songs and we have never met.

And some of you are totally new to my music.

This Album is for all of you!

And for that magic to happen, I need your help and support!

In today's new world, music is becoming more and more influential on today's youth. Rather then being mediated by Record Labels, more and more artists are choosing to communicate directly with their audiences, which is why they are choosing crowd funding platforms such as Indiegogo.

So, to make it simple.

The "Never Get Old" Album is going to be recorded and made in Metalworks - the place where I best create music, this coming summer/fall 2017!

The goal is to raise 100,000 Dollars for the creation of the Never Get Old Album.

And here is the Budget Breakdown:

40,000 Dollars: Music production, recordings, mixing and mastering, musician sessions and traveling costs.

40,000 Dollars: AEG Worldwide project manager consultation. (This relationship will actually get me a career and make my dreams come true)

8,000 Dollars: A beautiful, professional, cutting edge Video to share vibrations and spread the love.

3,000 Dollars: Indiegogo fees and comission

3,000 Dollars: Marketing and PR

2,000 Dollars: Art work and Album design.

3,000 Dollars: CD manufacturing

1,000 Dollars: Perks shipment

Any extra money raised above this goal will go towards more Video, marketing and PR.

If you wish to Pre-Order the Album, you are warmly invited to go to the right of the page and choose the amount and perk you wish from the list of perks.

I would like to say thank you for all of you who I am truly blessed to go on this journey with.

Please help me to spread the word around and to get more and more people to hear about my project and music.

If, for any reason, you cannot pre-order the Album or financially contribute to the project, there are other wonderful ways that you can help spreading the word of this creation.

Direct people to my IndieGogo page.

Share the campaign video on your FB page. There are some great sharing tools in the Indoegogo page.

Email your friends and family around the world.

Share with Music Magazines, websites and other music forums info about my music Never Get Old project and the upcoming Album.

Please tell your friends and family about the project because you will all truly enjoy it! :)

Sing the songs in your homes and cars while you travel!

Your help and support is so important for the making of this Album!

Thank you!

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