Help Revive the Grawlix CMS
Help Revive the Grawlix CMS

This project has already launched.

What if you could host your own web comic without needing to learn any code?

Welcome to the Grawlix Revival Crowdfund.

For those who haven’t watched the above video, here’s a rundown: the “Grawlix Content Management System”, or “Grawlix CMS” for short, is a CMS built specifically for comic creators, webcomic or otherwise. It was honestly one of the best options for comic creators out there, especially those with little-to-no coding experience, or even with a CMS, that want to host their own web comic, online graphic novel, etc.

Just before Grawlix 2.0 was released, a problem arose. Due to a lack of awareness, support, and funding for the Grawlix CMS, the team disbanded and development of the Grawlix CMS was shutdown. It had so much potential.

At the moment, the homepage is offline, but the Grawlix CMS is still available for download and use by any who may come across it. The documentation about the Grawlix CMS is also still available, as well as a support forum dedicated to Grawlix CMS users. If we could get a team of web developers together, we could revive it.

That brings us to this crowdfund. Based on research for the average salary-wage of a back-end developer and a team of three-to-five people, the goal you see above is the target goal for funding two-to-three developers for several months. Depending on the amount funded, we may be able to hire a larger team or even extend the duration of the position. It really all comes down to the financial position at the end of the campaign.

If we meet our target goal with this campaign, then the next step will be finding coders for the job. Because the Grawlix CMS is freeware, the source code is available and will be used as a foundation for the coding team. They won’t have to worry about starting from scratch. 

The first phase will be to find and fix any known bugs. From there, using that same team, phase two will consist of working on version 2.0, implementing other tools or resources based on in-house collaboration and community input. Thus, at that time, we’ll be taking feedback, inviting people to alpha and beta test the new code. If any other bugs or issues pop up, then we will address those before releasing a new version.  

If this crowdfunding campaign is a success, we will open up a Patreon or other service that lets people support our work to keep Grawlix CMS development going.

Be sure to join our Thunderclap to spread the word!

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