Help Red Velvet Crush make a record in Nashville
Help Red Velvet Crush make a record in Nashville

Who We Are, What This Is All About & How You Can Help:

Hi! We are Red Velvet Crush, a 5x award winning female fronted pop/rock band based out of Oz. (aka Kansas City, MO) We need your help in raising money for us to record our next EP in Nashville, TN w/ producer Josh Gleave and our studio drummer Lester Estelle!

Daniel and I have been performing actively since we were both young and we formed Red Velvet Crush in 2012 and since then we’ve had many cool opportunities as a band. We’ve toured regionally and nationally, receive radio airplay on dozens of stations across the world, released our first music video, gained sponsorships, won five awards for best acoustic act, female vocalist and pop band of the year and have opened up for bands such as Everclear, Lisa Loeb, Tantric and The Dreaming (Stabbing Westward.) We are a very hard working group (we do all of our own booking, management, songwriting, rehearse constantly, attend music conferences etc); Besides our original Red Velvet Crush shows, we also perform cover gigs 2-4x/week, work multiple part time jobs and have been completely DIY/self funded up until this point.  For this next record we’ll be heading to Music City...Nashville, TN to work with producer Josh Gleave who is so incredibly talented and has helped us already bring new ideas to our music and these songs to life...along w/ our studio drummer, Lester Estelle who is miss Kelly Clarkson’s drummer among many others! We are very, very excited about the new music we have been working on as this is really a coming of age record and are so thrilled to share our new songs with you as they all have important/true stories to tell from the past few years. Musically, it will be a solid mix of both pop and rock. Red Velvet Crush’s next era and next chapter. Thank you for being a part of our next record..Any donations are greatly appreciated. Please share our Kickstarter on social media or however you can..Thank you again and we’ll see you on the road!

What Your $ Goes To:

Production/Studio Time/Recording in Nashville w/ producer Josh Gleave and our studio drummer Lester Estelle






Perks/Goodies/Stellar Stuff For You:

Daniel & I (Jillian) have created some really fun perks and collections of merch/music/one of a kind RVC collectibles for every single donation level..We wanted everyone, no matter what your donation amount is, to get something cool in return for donating, believing in us and helping us make this record happen. EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO DONATES receives a personal ‘thank you’ phone call and an ALBUM CREDIT! :) We have perks that include everything from a private house concert w/ us cooking for your party, limited edition red vinyl versions of the record, Red Velvet (Crush) cupcakes homemade by Jillian, autographed copies of the new EP and so much more! ;)

Any Extra Funds Will Go To…?:

Our next music video!

We Thank YOU, Our Music Family:

Ladies and gentlemen, you have become our good friends, not just fans through our music - It’s amazing how music can create that connection. We very much appreciate that you support our music career and journey by listening to our music, wearing our t-shirts and coming out to our live shows to rock out with us. Each and every one of you who is donating to help us make our next record in Nashville...It’s a coming of age record, a next chapter and era for RVC and we are so excited to get started on recording it for you and then performing it live for you on the road in 2016 so please donate anything you can and share our campaign anyway/anywhere..Thank YOU so, so much!! - RVC (Jillian Riscoe and Daniel Mendala)

Risks/Challenges: If we don’t raise our entire goal amount of $12,000..NONE of the money will go to help us record our next record in Nashville!! Yikes! Any donation is greatly appreciated! Let’s do this!! :) We are working hard to plan and prepare for this next era of RVC through this next record which will help get us onto bigger shows/tours, radio airplay, TV/film song placements, tour all year around nationally/internationally and more! The possibilities are really endless honestly! Dreams to Realities ;)

“Monster” by Red Velvet Crush OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO © 2013

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