Help Military Members Return To Civilian Life
Help Military Members Return To Civilian Life

This project has already launched.

This campaign is a social enterprise which is being conducted to serve the public at-large and specifically for service members, veterans, families, and employers that hire military talent.


Transitioning back into civilian life can be difficult after military service. This campaign enables the American public to say thank you to our service members and share important information that will guide their return to civilian life.

Recent survey data indicates that almost half of all service members have challenges and difficulties when taking off the uniform*. After serving our nation, many will endure a stressful and confusing journey back into civilian life. What’s most disappointing is that a large percentage will make the same mistakes as veterans who’ve traveled the same path and have gone ahead of them. 

* source:

With your help, this campaign will empower service members by providing the successful experiences, examples and lessons learned from veterans who have already made the transition back into the civilian life. 

Almost everyone knows someone in the military and is affected by this challenge....sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, neighbors and friends. This Kickstarter will fund a veteran-led effort to address this important issue.

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