Help Me Start My Sneaker Business
Help Me Start My Sneaker Business

This project has already launched.


I decided to join this website in hopes of getting help in achieving my wish to have a sneaker business. I am currently a college student pursing a degree in Criminal Justice: Homeland Security. However, I hope I am able to achieve my goal I have set to help me get started and work toward starting my business. 

Below I will list a few goals I have set for my business. 

· Start a website – I want to start a website so it will be easier for customers to view any selection of sneakers I have so they are able to purchase more easily. 

· Business Cards – Business cards are a great way to reach out to potential customers and build a brand for your name. It can also bring you new customers.

· Inventory – The majority of the donation money I receive from GoFundMe will be used to stock my inventory in sneakers so I can have a thriving business. This is the main reason why I wanted to make a GoFundMe page so I can stock my inventory. 

· Giveaways & Contests – I want to have money spent towards buying sneakers to engage my customers in a cool way of earning a free pair of sneakers without having to worry of using their own money to purchase sneakers from me. 

· Newsletter – I have learned that investing in a newsletter on your website is a great way to keep your customer updated with any new sneakers that you buy or restock and I have also learned that it is a great way to provide customers who subscribe to your newsletter with deals on any sneakers or items they buy on your website. 

As of right now, I am currently selling my shoes through multiple sneaker groups on Facebook and Ebay. I want to move away from Ebay because they do not offer enough seller protection. I would appreciate anybody who is willing to invest in my business and help me start my business. It would help a lot to know there are people in this world who want to see others like (me) do well. 

Are you willing to help?

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