Help Me PLZ
Help Me PLZ

 A smalltime university economic professor receives a #:/txt// message from his most //-promising student+//. On :<//reply he becomes involved in a -//WAR\\- between +=CEO=. "*Aaron Caloss*" of :#OmNiCorp:: and the god of this ç//uniVERSE//=. 

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Besides giving you a copy of the pilot and the show, we have some creative options.

:>>>//GET YOUR TWITTER out there... everywhere. In our show theme, on in show "feed" snapshots, ... everywhere I mean it!!!

:>>>//THe_ConnEcted want you to know you're being watched but #OmNiCorp wants to find if you are connected. Some great #ARG stuff to give away for pledge seekers.

:>>>//In_SToRY messages from our backers and so much more... so excited.

://OF Course//a LOT of BACKstage ACCESS!!!


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