Help me launch my life's work and open a shop
Help me launch my life's work and open a shop

My medium is ceramic porcelain and my product is award winning hand crafted bowls. For 17 years I have been perfecting my technique and creating my own trade secrets in order add to the art of ceramic porcelain making.  I have dedicated every waking hour improving the quality and intricacy and filled my entire house with my work, but it has not been in vain as I have gained humbling recognition from museums and galleries on an international scale. However as any artist knows, creating alone will not bring home the bacon and so I have had to devise a plan in order to launch my collection. Opening my shop will allow me to bring in a young entrepreneur (Alan Ridderhof) to take care of the business aspects of distributing my work. Alan will get business experience and will not only take care of the distribution and daily functions of the store but also be the liaison with already established contracts and manage supply to the galleries and museums which exhibit my work.

The knit ware you see below is not wool but hand stitched porcelain...

Although the initial stages of this project includes launching my collection, it runs much deeper than that as in the long run I'm planning a project which will benefit many artists who were in the same position as me of not being able to manage the distribution of their own work. My long term project is to build an Artist Village on my small holding in Salem where artists will live side by side with promoters. Their homes will be their studios and the promoters will work directly for them, inviting gallery owners from around the world to stay in the village and become intimately familiar with several of the artists within... but first I need to sell my current work. The shop will help me facilitate this and create opportunity for artists to dedicate themselves to their respective life's work as I have with mine.

This project is all planned and ready to change the way we treat our artists, please help us make it happen.

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