Help Lock In BC DanzHouse's New Home
Help Lock In BC DanzHouse's New Home

This project has already launched.

Hi there, my name is Sheridan Riles Garrison and I am the Founder/Artistic Director of Bridging Cultures DanzHouse (also referred to as BCDH or BC DanzHouse). At BCDH, we strive to be one of the most empowering studios within the Galveston metroplex. My vision for this creation transpired through my passion to encourage individuals of all ages; as they explore and express their artistry through dance, singing, acting, mentoring and more from cultures across our world! Although I have always had a passion for music, sports, and history; dance came into my life at age thirteen, not knowing it would lead me on an amazing adventure as a professional dancer, choreographer, and entertainer across the world and in the United States still til this day (Ex. Afghanistan, Montreal, Tokyo, London, etc.). I am thankful for my journey of dance and have grown incredibly through numerous teams from drill team, competition dance teams, dancing for the NFL, AFL, MASL, SIFL, SIHL, ABA, MMA, to dancing on cruise lines and more.

Classes with Bridging Cultures DanzHouse provides a safe, supportive and vibrant atmosphere for women, men, and children to move and socialize together. In many ways, BC DanceHouse isn’t focused just on dance. It’s solely about individuals reconnecting with their bodies; not giving into society’s prejudices about gender behavior, beauty, and identity; this is where we as people come together in a space where imperfection is is beauty and celebrated. We aim to have you feeling better about yourself when you leave the studio than when you arrived; week on week.

We have created amateur adult dance classes back to how the environment should be; a fun, physical, sociable space that has absolutely no business undermining your body, identity, or your self-esteem. With the opportunity to attend advance classes for a great challenge or even step it up to compete. Regardless, we have a range of classes and levels, so we welcome students with all fitness and experience levels; as well as offer building rentals and specialty birthday or bachelorette party celebrations.

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