Help Launch Little Buddha's Monthly Mystery Box
Help Launch Little Buddha's Monthly Mystery Box

Little Buddha Reviews Needs a New Feature!

Hi, my name is John Sedawie.

I have a website, Little Buddha Reviews (“where there is big love for small toys”), which showcases the world of small toys, designer vinyl and collectible art figures.

I plan to add a monthly Mystery Box service called "What's in the Box?!" Each month, subscribers will receive a Mystery Box filled with collectible figures from the leaders in the industry: Funko, Kidrobot, Tokidoki, Titan, The Loyal Subjects and many more! (Well, when I say “filled,” I mean they will receive, on average, about 5 - 6 items – it will all depend on what is available at that time and the cost associated with them.)

This is a fantastic deal for the subscribers, regardless of how many items are in the box, as The retail value of each box will be much greater than the cost of the monthly subscription.

This “What’s in the Box” program will also help boost viewership to Little Buddha Reviews, so it’s a win-win for my small business and my present and future customers.


How It Will Work

Once I start gaining capital (with your help) I will be able to create the brand design for the Mystery Box (in other words, its logo and packaging), and then I’ll be able to start the marketing push to collect subscribers. I’ll start accepting subscribers a month before I order the products that will go into the Mystery Box.  This way, I will have a good idea of how many subscribers I will have in the first month, which will ensure that I will be shipping the most current and sought-after items possible.

I will continue to accept subscribers until I've reached my limit of products ordered. I will designate a "ship-out" date so that my subscribers will have a rough idea of when they will receive their package. As an additional marketing strategy, I will ship out a handful of Mystery Boxes to well-known toy reviewers in exchange for a free review. This will increase my subscriber base for the next month.

Financial Breakdown

I have well-established accounts with many manufacturers and distributors through my online toy store, Monkeyface Toys. To make the Mystery Box profitable, I need to buy in bulk, however, and then market it to all my loyal readers – and potential new readers.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

$6,000 - Purchase products

$2,000 - Marketing

$800 - Shipping Supplies

$200 - Procedural costs (web hosting and subscription fees)

$1,000 - Brand creation (graphic design)

$1,000 – Miscellaneous

The Impact

I hope to bring some joy to all the toy lovers and collectors out there. Everyone loves getting mail so, I believe, subscribers will anxiously await their mystery package each month and will have a lot of fun opening the box and discovering what's inside.

The Mystery Box will therefore allow Little Buddha Reviews to keep our current readership base and expand our readership considerably. That in turn will help make Little Buddha Reviews a successful online business, and enable us to keep providing valuable information to our readers – toy collectors young and old.

Help me spread a little joy with toys!

A Little Bit About Me

I've always been a toy enthusiast. About ten years ago, I decided to turn my love for toys into a business. I created an online toy company called Monkeyface Toys.

I began my selling on eBay and was able to increase my sales every year. Eventually I created a website for Monkeyface Toys, and over the last ten years I’ve learned a lot about the distribution and marketing game.

About a year ago, I created a new website, Little Buddha Reviews, which showcases the world of small toys, designer vinyl and collectible art figures. This new website allowed me to express my love for toys in a whole new way. I'm now looking to expand Little Buddha, with a little help from you, my friends!

Other Ways You Can Help

Every little bit helps, whether it’s you pledging a few bucks and receiving great rewards in return, or you helping us out by sharing news of our campaign with everyone you know on all of your social networks.

Thanks for supporting us in any way you can.

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