Help Gridline Finish Their First Studio Record [
Help Gridline Finish Their First Studio Record ["Soul Brew"]

This project has already launched.



Dear Friends,

This album is a culmination of five years of songwriting. All of these songs have been road-tested and worn-in with the sweat of after-hour clubs in and around New York City. We've taken our late night stew from NYC's The Bitter End--simmering funk, with a dash of blues, and some good ole rock'n'roll--and brought it to the studio. We call it Soul Brew.

We are in the home stretch of finishing this record, but we need your help to bring it to fruition. We've come so far, and collaborated with some beautiful, talented individuals, and we want to show you our journey. Just like our live roots, this music cannot grow without you. 

With all our love,


Soul Brew recording session at Sabella Studios. Courtesy of Sean Horan.
Soul Brew recording session at Sabella Studios. Courtesy of Sean Horan.


Over the past four months we've recorded the songs, getting as close as possible to recreating the essence of what we capture on stage by playing everything live to tape. It all took place at a magical little studio on Long Island called Sabella Studios. You might know it as the place where Public Enemy recorded their platinum-selling record It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and Marcy Playground cut their 1997 #1 single "Sex and Candy."

Jim Sabella at Sabella Studios, courtesy of Paul Yanchyshyn.
Jim Sabella at Sabella Studios, courtesy of Paul Yanchyshyn.

Recording engineer Jim Sabella helped us forge our sounds the old-fashioned way: to 2" analog tape. The centerpiece of Sabella Studios is a 1979 Neve 8068 mark II console, prized by engineers and audiophiles around the world for its fidelity and signature sonic imprint. This console was previously owned by Phil Ramone, legendary 20th century record producer and engineer who recorded with the likes of Steely Dan, Ray Charles, and others, many of whom worked on this very piece of equipment that now lives at Jim's studio. 

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to work in this beautiful living-museum of a studio, and with your help we can return to mix the record!

Jim and Andrew work the Neve, courtesy of Paul Yanchyshyn.
Jim and Andrew work the Neve, courtesy of Paul Yanchyshyn.


Special ingredients to making this Soul Brew include the collaborations we were able to share with a group of talented, kindred spirits.  

We were extremely grateful to work with vocalist Corey Glover, who sang on all eight of the album's songs. Corey is the vocalist for Living Colour, the Grammy-winning band who wrote the 1988 hit "Cult of Personality," which skyrocketed the Brooklyn born group to opening for The Rolling Stones on their Steel Wheels Tour. 

It was a pleasure to work with Corey, his easygoing charisma and powerful voice carried these songs to the next level.

Laying down harmonies with Corey. Photos courtesy of Paul Yanchyshyn, David Oppenheimer and Rodrigo Fredes
Laying down harmonies with Corey. Photos courtesy of Paul Yanchyshyn, David Oppenheimer and Rodrigo Fredes

Another invaluable layer to this project is Joel Thome, arranger and conductor extraordinaire. A Grammy Award recipient and internationally acclaimed composer, Joel worked with Frank Zappa and helped to conceive Zappa's Universe. He's also collaborated with Steve Vai, and one of his original compositions was the first work to use actual radio signals from space. Joel still spends his time conducting for groups such as: Orchestra of Our Time, the National Symphonic Orchestra of Mexico, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, the Milwaukee Symphony, and the Brooklyn Philharmonic.

Aside from his many diverse experiences and accolades, Joel has offered unending wisdom to us over the years and serves as a mentor while we continue to grow.

Joel Thome in his natural element (top), with Virgil Thompson (left), and Frank Zappa (right). Photos courtesy of Paul Yanchyshyn and Peter Vidor.
Joel Thome in his natural element (top), with Virgil Thompson (left), and Frank Zappa (right). Photos courtesy of Paul Yanchyshyn and Peter Vidor.

With your help, we can hire Joel to compose a string arrangement for the swooning ballad of the record, "Tangerines."

Your contributions will also help us hire the Scorchio Quartet to perform Joel's arrangement. Hailed as a cutting edge electro-acoustic string quartet known for its artistry and eclecticism, Scorchio made their debut at Carnegie Hall performing with David Bowie in 2001. 

Here'a a video of the Scorchio Quartet performing live with Trey Anastasio of Phish at Princeton University:

Scorchio has performed with Lou Reed, Trey Anastasio, Iggy Pop, Michael Stipe, Beatboxing legend Rahzel, Sturgill Simpson, Flaming Lips, Vampire Weekend, Regina Spektor, David Byrne and many others, including Tibetan musicians Tenzin Choegyal and Techung.


We're so close to finishing the record, but we need your help to make it happen. Here are the final ingredients we need to finish our Soul Brew:

Recording Costs include:

  • Paying Joel Thome to compose and conduct a string arrangement for Track 06 on our record, "Tangerines." 
  • Paying Eric Lemmon to compose a horn arrangement for Track 08 on our record, "Born To Die." 
  • Paying the Scorchio Quartet and horn section to rehearse and record.
  • Paying for studio time to record arrangements.

Mixing & Mastering Costs include:

  • Paying Jim Sabella to mix the record at Sabella Studios.
  • Paying Scott Hull, owner of Masterdisk, to master the record. 

Artwork & Duplication Costs include:

  • Paying our photographer for album cover and booklet photos.
  • Paying our artist to design a mural for the inside cover.
  • Printing 1,000 physical copies of the CD.

"Lovely Lady" [Single] Music Video Costs include:

  • Finish post production for the "Lovely Lady" music video.
  • Paying for music video promotional costs.

Soul Brew Distribution Costs include:

  • Paying for the packaging and distribution of the record. 
  • Paying for record promotion costs.
  • Paying for the launch of a radio campaign.

Kickstarter Fees & Reward Fulfillment include:

  • Kickstarter takes a 5% fee from the funds collected.
  • Estimated printing and mailing expenses for Kickstarter rewards.


It's smart to think ahead, so we decided that if we surpass our goal, we can start raising funds for the tools that will help make this album an even bigger success. Those include:

  • Merchandise to help promote our Soul Brew (at $12,000)
  • Spotify & Pandora Advertisement Campaign (at $15,000)
  • Digital Camera & Lenses to capture live events (at $19,500)
  • Tour Van & Trailer to bring us to a city near you! (at $28,000)

If you've made it this far on the page, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we can't wait to see you on the road!  - Gridline


Featured in Relix magazine as up and coming artists, Gridline has been nationally recognized as something of a rarity in today's music scene. Founded in New York in 2012, kindred spirits Dan Kottmann (guitars, lead vocals) and Andrew Yanchyshyn (bass, vocals) found common ground on their local college music scene. Over the past five years, the group has expanded to include Neal Spitzer (saxophones, EWI), a tour-de-force on the saxophones and in the writing studio, and Zach Schepis (guitars, vocals), the missing lyrical and spiritual link that now bonds us together.

"A sound doused in characteristic energy." - Relix Magazine

"Anybody who grooves like that must be doing something right!" - Lawrence "LAW" Worrell (Amy Winehouse / George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic)

"These guys are for real, will keep you on your feet and totally satisfy that need for experiencing actual humans interacting and just plain rocking out!" - Peter Denenberg (Grammy Award winning Producer of The Spin Doctors)

"Gridline is one of the funkiest and hard-driving outfits to hit the scene in years. Hang on for a great ride!" - Joe Ferry (Grammy Award winning producer of The Skatalites & Dr. John)

Five years in the making, Gridline has been captivating audiences with their high energy original compositions and spontaneous live performances. Having opened for artists such as Iggy AzaleaGalacticMax CreekKung Fu and The Nigel Hall Band, the band continues to set their sights higher and higher.

Visit us at:

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Photographs, courtesy of Paul Yanchyshyn, and Bryan Kremkau
Photographs, courtesy of Paul Yanchyshyn, and Bryan Kremkau

Dorsey "Sky" Parker (top left)

None of this would have been possible without the talented Dorsey "Sky" Parker. The rock-solid foundation of our rhythm section, his heart and wisdom do not go unheard on this record. He's our favorite member!

Dave Lewitt (top right)

Rounding out the sound is our man, Dave Lewitt, a bona fide percussionist who brought along his vibrant energy by the bucketloads! He is the perfect accent to our rhythm section. Dave has played with the likes of The Cole Porter Orchestra, Syndicate of Soul, and Uzimon.

Kim Miller & Kim Wojehowski (center left)

We couldn't have made these tracks shine without the help of the Kims! You may have seen Kim Miller share the stage with Jamaican groups The Skatalites and Israel Vibration. Kim Wojehowski sings in the New York gospel group Salt. Along with Corey, the Kims layered the sweet harmonies on every track that make this record sparkle.

George Meyer Jr. (center)

Our roots lead many places... one of them, George Meyer Jr., who happens to be Dan's uncle, is also a bad-ass, Grammy-nominated trumpet player.  He and Vinny Noblie tied our NY Soul Brew together. Thank you Uncle Geo!!!

Katie Andrews (center right)

Shoutout to Katie Andrews for playing a freakin' harp on our record! You may have seen Katie in the pit of Broadway musicals, such as "Wicked." If you haven't already, check out her group Duo Scorpio!

Jerry Mitkowski (bottom left)

Big thanks to Jerry Mitkowski, who laid down some fiery piano, organ, and clavinet on the record. These songs would not be the same without you, we cannot express how grateful we are for all of your help!

Vinny Nobile (bottom right)

A key element of the horn section featured on NY Soul Brew and a veteran of the ska and jazz avenues, Vinny is a founding member of Bim Skala Bim. His powerful playing adds the perfect drizzle of bottom to the horn section.

From left to right: Sean Horan, cinematographer. Paul Yanchyshyn, photographer.
From left to right: Sean Horan, cinematographer. Paul Yanchyshyn, photographer.

Sean Hunter Horan & Paul Yanchyshyn

Not only is Sean Horan one of our best friends, but the Emmy-winning cinematographer also documented our journey recording the songs and filmed the music video for our single, "Lovely Lady."  

Last but most certainly not least, ladies and gentlemen, Paul Yanchyshyn. Without his endless hours and late nights of editing video (for this campaign), and all the years he spent documenting our performances with his photography, we'd have very little to show. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Paul!

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge that stands between us and finishing this record is funding. We're grateful to be such close friends with established, creative visionaries like Joel Thome and Jim Sabella, and to be working with renowned performers like Corey Glover and the Scorchio Quartet.

However, people who are esteemed and talented deserve their fair share of compensation, and we'd like to deliver for their dedication and time.

By helping us enlist the work of these individuals, you are watering the seeds to make our wildest musical dreams a reality. And who knows where it will go from there!

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