Sounderstood: Help get our girlfriend's off our backs!
Sounderstood: Help get our girlfriend's off our backs!


Loud late night sessions, hours of playbacks, countless youtube videos and our nagging significant others asking "when are you going to bed?" and after all that work we still can't make it sound right, but giving up isn't in our vocabulary. We live for music with a passion that can't be understood by anyone not unlike ourselves. Finding others with our similar interests has become quite difficult. The industry becoming more & more competitive. This is becoming a problem for many of us just trying to get our bearings.

We want to be heard, but feel like no one is listening. Why not work together, collaborate together and learn together? And get our significant others too relax a bit. I'm sure they are tired and don't want to hear that 100th change to your new track.


I propose to you Sounderstood a full platform that we can upload our content with the sole purpose of being heard, sharing knowledge and seeking out others that share our same interests.

I present to you a chance to change how the world hears and understands music. Are you with me?


Registered User

Will get access to an online platform & mobile app. This is where you can upload your music/audio projects to be heard, critiqued, mixed and/or downloaded by fans and producers a like. Mastering, sampling, editing, and any other audio engineering resources that you seek can be offered as a service by users on the platform, but you may also pursue the free aid of the online community for a diy experience. 

Registered users will also have access to the samples, loops, music, and presets that any other user has chosen to upload and make available to the community for free or for purchase from them directly. This site promotes creativity, collaboration, and passion for one's art.

Whats Different?

 Just google mastering tutorials, or youtube a video on audio editing. Have you tried leaving a question in that abyss of comment ocean?  Wouldn't you want to just have it done for you or experience and learn how and why your synth or guitar recording is different and no matter what you do, you can't get it to sound like the tutorials mix?

This is where the community comes in. You can upload your audio file and a question like "I need this to sound brighter, HOW!?" Well maybe less dramatic, but you get the idea. Now you have access to a community of seasoned audio heads that love music just like you, sharing tips & tricks has never been so easy.

Online team

Will include:

  • Experienced audio engineers
  • Website technical support
  • System administration/moderators
  • Account representatives

This Is Our Chance At Changing The Future Of Music.

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