Help build the Atlanta Beer Boutique!
Help build the Atlanta Beer Boutique!

This project has already launched.

Every cent of your pledge will help build the Atlanta Beer Boutique! We want to build Atlanta's premiere beer destination to include a retail shop, tasting/event room, and homebrew kitchen with a climate-controlled cellar. Drinkers of all tastes and experience levels will come to the boutique to find an old favorite, try something new and tasty, learn about beer in a friendly environment, visit with their friends, and even learn how to make beer!

Your donations will help us build shelves and fixtures. We'll need to invest in equipment, including a built-in keg system, display fridges, and homebrew kitchen equipment. We'll also need to buy tables, chairs, and stools so that you can sit while you drink.

And maybe most importantly, we'll need lots and lots of money to buy inventory including beer (duh), glassware, snacks, merch, and other retail stop stuff. 

Risks and challenges

Funding - This is part of where you can help! We have about $20,000 committed from friends, family, and initial investors. With $25,000 from the wonderful people of Kickstarter, we can attract low-interest loans from the Small Business Association and get moving.

Finding the right location - we're looking all over the city for the right community and building. I'm a professional city planner, so this should go well.

Refurbishing the location on-budget - We want to do this right, so we're talking to beer boutiques in other cities to learn from their experience

Getting the retail store and the tasting room in business ASAP - Funding plays a big part in how we'll manage this. I have a great team here in Atlanta and across the country ready to spring into action once funding is secured.

Hiring and maintaining knowledgeable, friendly staff - This will be tough because ABB has tough standards. Staff have to know a ton about beer and be friendly and easy to work with. Gruff, rude, or snooty has no place at the Atlanta Beer Boutique. We want to take the fear out of beer and that starts with kind people!

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