Helmsie Presents: Not Your Momma's Alphabet Cards
Helmsie Presents: Not Your Momma's Alphabet Cards

This project has already launched.



After years of wanting to collaborate on a project, we decided to go all in and start a business. Helmsie is the result of years of friendship and a desire to see functional and beautiful products in the marketplace. When we found ourselves new mothers several years ago, our focus became clear: creating Southern inspired, fun and stylish kid products that we would want to buy and have in our homes.


Not Your Momma's Alphabet Cards is the launch product for Helmsie and we are beaming with pride. Hand-drawn, witty and educational, these flashcards will stimulate little (and big!) minds with wonderful artwork and color. Use them for learning and/or decoration. The design and size is reminiscent of the well-known vintage variety, but with modern updates such as "S" is for Selfie and "Y" is for Yoga.


Original, hand-drawn artwork gives these cards an heirloom feel. The card quality is exceptional as is the custom-designed box. Measuring 5 1/2" x 3 1/4", the size is ideal for little hands, yet large enough to find betwixt the couch cushions and other favorite hiding places.



We need your help! This campaign is intended to give us the jumpstart needed to enter the marketplace and help us invest in future products. Would you consider supporting us? We feel so fortunate to be able to create products that bring joy to your home and your children. The greatness of that blessing is not lost on us.


We are so thankful for your support! To show our thanks, we have provided a few different rewards based on support levels. The ABC flashcards are included at every level. In addition, some levels of support will receive hand drawn original Helmsie fine art prints and/or a limited edition Helmsie tote bag with hand embroidery.


Photos by Danielle Hulsey Photography

Video by Jake Gee, JakeGee.com

Risks and challenges

The cards are designed and we have them in the studio ready to be sent to you. At this time, we do not foresee any challenges with this project. All backers within the USA will receive their cards within four weeks of the campaign end date.


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