HellScreen - 90s style FPS video game
HellScreen - 90s style FPS video game

This project has already launched.

Hellscreen is a single player level based first-person shooter for PC, in the fast, frantic style of classic FPS games from the 1990s (such as Doom, Quake, Unreal etc).

Second to second, you will be blasting enemies, dodging incoming attacks and progressing through a labyrinth of evil at breakneck speeds.


Key Features At this point, most people know what goes into a 90s style FPS and many games recently have revisited the genre, (such as Strafe, Dusk, Midnight Ultra) but what makes Hellscreen different?

  • Lo-rez surrealistic visual style - A retro-flavoured, yet distinctive art direction, evoking memories of classic pixel textures mixed with inspirations of H.R Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski etc.
  • Aggressive combat - evade attacks & dish out punishment using a variety of heavy, intimidating weapons, always pushing forward and never retreating.
  • Rear view mirror- Never be ambushed and fire behind usinganew found perspective. It will also enable detection of certain enemies, secrets and bonuses that can't be seen with the naked eye.
  • Transforming weapons - Weapons with visceral gun feel & sound, that can transform & change function to suit different scenarios. One input but a multitude of applications makes for a new level of depth with weapon interaction.
  • Upgrade system - purchase new weapons and abilities such as extra health & armour, double jump, dash, improved soul collection, swimming underwater, level fast travel and exploding upon death for extra souls.
  • Interconnected maps - United by a hub world, travel back and forth between levels to unlock new areas and secrets as upgrades are purchased. Not able to jump to that high platform? Upgrade to the double jump and return later to claim your prize.
  • Designed & hand-crafted levels - no procedural generation, no randomness, no accidents. Pure, constructed levels specifically created to give the player the most intense & invigorating experience possible. Only designed levels can give you hell.
  • Manipulative environments - Change the level to suit your needs and combat scenarios. Taking too much fire? Shoot the columns to raise cover. See a trap meant for you? Trigger it to use on your enemies instead.


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