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Hellhunter is a supernatural investigative hunting RPG, where you assume the role of a freelance hunter building your career towards uncovering the ultimate terror.

However with each job, the level is procedurally generated, and the true identity of the supernatural creature is not revealed. It is up to you to explore and investigate it, to determine the tools needed to vanquish the hostile entity, which creates an intense and unique experience for every hunt.  

Death lurks in every corner. Do you have what it takes to become a hellhunter?



Hellhunter’s story is not yet another fairy tale about saving world, it’s dark to say the least. 
Four years ago, you were faced with the ultimate decision, kill yourself, or kill your family… Needless to say you are here now. For years you’ve been honing your skills to become a Hellhunter, and now, it’s time to settle the score once and for all ..


In Hellhunter, every good case starts with a careful investigation. Scoping out your surroundings for out of the ordinary clues will help you decipher the identity of the creatures you are hunting. Such clues include abnormal footprints, bloodstains, traces of ectoplasm and countless others. Your deductive skills will mean the difference between life and death against your enemy!

Investigating supernatural activity requires state of the art high tech gadgets. Below is a small sample of the powerful equipment you will find at your disposal.

Unlike ordinary investigations, ones with supernatural origin also require you to investigate several layers at the same time. For example an innocuous looking living room, might actually be filled with demonic body parts under a black light ultraviolet lamp.

Investigating clues using blacklight
Investigating clues using blacklight


Navigating the house with nightvision goggles
Navigating the house with nightvision goggles


During your investigations, you will encounter all sorts of creatures, ranging from souls of the dead that have come back to haunt the living to corporeal undead with a thirst for blood.  

By utilizing baits, wards and high tech mountable detectors you will be able to avoid dangerous confrontations, while at the same time gathering data from the creatures to aid your investigation.  
If all else fails, use the environment to your advantage for stealth and hiding!

Unlike traditional stealth games, in Hellhunter being detected does not trigger a fail state. A smart hunter is always prepared to respond as threats arise which includes carefully timed dodging maneuvers, shooting incoming objects, fending off various creatures and much more. 
However engaging should be a last resort, as the primary focus of the case is to find and eliminate the specific target.


After collecting clues as a hunter, it’s time to consult your cryptonomicon (a hunter’s handy monster journal). By deciphering the clues you will be able to unveil the true identity of the enemy. This is done by cross referencing and elimination. For example if your clues are broken furniture, bone fragments and bloodstains on the wall, you could deduce that the species you are facing is an aggressive / ferocious species, and thus can rule out any passive / sneaky ones.

The cryptonomicon also contains weaknesses of each enemy. This is vital as supernatural monsters in Hellhunter are strong beyond belief, but by exploiting their weaknesses you can level out the playing field.

Once you have deciphered which terrifying species you are up against, it’s time to prepare. Choose the right equipment for the right enemy. For example explosive bullets are deadly against gargoyles but utterly useless against poltergeists. Flashbang grenades are great for creating openings against vampires but have no effect against the blind wraiths, and so forth.

However equipment is broken down even further, to tailor your own unique playing style. Play as an aggressive shotgun toting hunter with explosives, a dexterous uzi wielding hunter using traps to slow enemies to your advantage, or countless other combinations as you desire.

You will need some time to prepare and put your plan into action. This is where the jammer comes into play. This high tech electro-magnetic pulsating device confuses and deters supernatural creatures, essentially giving you a window of opportunity. But take heed not to use it during investigation, as the electro-magnetic waves will disrupt your investigative equipment.

The core of every hunt is a good trap setup. At your disposal are a myriad of traps each useful for different situations. For example incendiary traps are good against liquid based enemies (such as the kelpie), while explosives are useful against corporeal enemies like the Nosferatu.  

Each trap can also be combined with different triggers. You could plant a tripwire attached to an explosive at the foot of a staircase, proximity trigger to an EMP mine for unpredictable spectral enemies, pressure plate beartrap for spacious quarters against hulking werewolves, and many other combinations you will discover during hunts.


Once you’re ready to engage the enemy, there is a multitude of different ways you can approach it. Be it aggressive guns blazing, a sneaky trap laying ninja, or anything in between, the choice is entirely yours.


Hellhunter’s unique enemies all have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example you might come face to face with the kelpie, a ghastly water steed manipulating liquid to its advantage. And can only be destroyed by incendiary means. On the contrary you might encounter the shadow, a cunning enemy using the cover of darkness to ambush its prey, but is highly vulnerable to ultraviolet ammunition.

What takes Hellhunter to the next level is its entirely dynamic and destructible environments. This adds an element of realism to the game as well as making every mission a unique experience. While you battle and total destructions tears apart the level, your vantage points will change and you will have to rethink your strategy.



In Hellhunter you start out as an amateur hunter with nothing but a flickering torch, a rusty gun and a hell of a lot of guts. As you complete cases you will slowly transform into an elite Hellhunter with character progression and massive amounts of weapons, ammo, armour, gadgets, baits, traps and more to customize your character to your hearts content.

As a bounty hunter you will need to complete jobs to pay the bills and keep your equipment up to date, but beyond that, you are hunting supernatural creatures to find the missing pieces to your past. You will battle through countless missions, each requiring their own approach for optimal efficiency and success. As you progress further and further through the missions, you will come that little bit closer to uncovering the ultimate terror that haunts your past!

Each and every time you take on a mission, it will consist of an entirely different and unique hunting ground. Hellhunter features a special logical generation system. For example each house has a kitchen and a living room, and knowing this logic allows you to cross reference with relevant clues to add a layer of depth to the investigation.                  



We aimed for a grounded dark setting, with strong dominance of green and turquoise hues to enforce the supernatural mystery themes. Hellhunter also builds on its contrast between the raw 90s modern setting and the more gothic environments in which the hauntings take place, and that we hope you’ll enjoy exploring!




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