Heimdall Footwear
Heimdall Footwear

This project has already launched.

How many times have you asked yourself, how much money should i spent on a single pair of shoes/boots? What makes one shoe better than the others? Does a brand name ensure a good quality pair of shoes?

I for one have asked that question for numereous of time, and you will be surprised if i told you that i'm a girl, yes you read it right, i'm a girl that fall in love with the world of men shoes. There are just so many ways and variables to make a single pair of boots or shoes to be beautiful, from it's shape, it's leather, how it is finished, and many more.

It didn't stop there, how it's made also counts, and here i'm talking about the construction of a shoe. Do you want your shoes to be durable and long lasting? or do you want your shoes to be lightweight and flexible? or even all of them? This is what i love about the world of men shoes.

I have spent 3 years of my time learning and exploring about shoes craftsmanship, and in my journey i have met many shoe artisan that each of their own have their unique sets of skill, and it was such a pleasure to be able to learned and shared knowledge with them.

From a big city in Bandung where most of the shoe artisan still uses traditional way to construct a shoe to ensure it's toughness and durability, to a small city in Bogor (West Java) where i found many artisan that with the help of modern technology constructed a shoe that is lightweight and flexible.

From this experience i was inspired to make a project about shoes that combined a traditional and modern way to make them. I want to shared my story and theirs to many people through this Kickstarter project that i'm going to have in August next month.

I chose the name Heimdall because it bears the values of perception, vision, attention to detail, and watchfulness, values that we pour into each pair of Heimdall Footwear.


Heimdall Footwear is a company that i build from early this year in hope that i can introduce it to the world as a footwear company that can produce a high quality men footwear with fair prices that offer Free shipping to wherever you are.

In the meanwhile, you can check our website and our Instagram for more photos and info, and please like our Facebook page. Thank you so much for lending your time reading this page, and i'll be waiting for your support on Kickstarter, cheers!

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