Heavy Emotions
Heavy Emotions

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Heavy Emotions is a series of three anodized aluminum shot glasses: flirt, cry and puke. 

Each glass holds one (generous) shot, with solid walls and a super thick base. They have a substantial weight, feel solid in your hand, make a satisfying clink when you toast and a solid thud when they hit the table. 


Our Story

This project is inspired by our many, many nights of eventful drinking and a countless number of shots between us. We decided to create a set of shot glasses that capture the heavy, very real emotions we feel during a night out.

L/T is a collaboration between Casey Harmon and David Verchick. Both of us are industrial designers with an array of experience in design including, but not limited to, lighting, furniture, apparel and user design research. We began working together for the Lexus Design Award where both of our projects were shortlisted. As a team we push ourselves, challenge ourselves and ask important questions, like, is it time for shots?


Our Process

The glasses are made of turned aluminum. Flirt and Cry are sandblasted and Puke is brushed (the roughest finish for the roughest part of the night). After anodizing, faces are laser etched onto the bottoms.














 Don't like shots? No worries, they're still awesome!

There's plenty of other things you can do with our shot glasses. Put a tiny adorable plant in them! Portion out your snacks responsibly and stylishly! Freeze them to keep your whiskey cold!



If you can't buy some of the shot glasses themselves, for $1 you can buy an STL to 3D print your own set. Use your own 3D printer, or choose from a ton of materials at a 3D print service like Shapeways. Also for $1, you can buy an emoji pack of the faces to use through GIPHY. Below is a photo of the black and white emojis but when you buy them you'll get a lot of dope colors!

See that cool hat David is wearing in the video? You can buy that too! Either on its own or free when you buy 5 sets. It's a 5-panel black hat with the L/T logo in white embroidery on the front. We appreciate you giving what you can.







These shot glasses are super durable and dishwasher safe. L/T is not responsible for damage to furniture, floors or your friend's lame, delicate glass shot glasses.










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