HeartySalads- The good food app
HeartySalads- The good food app

You know it's important to eat healthy meals but your hectic lifestyle gets in the way.

There is seldom time to prepare meals before leaving for work. Also, it's not easy to ensure your food stays fresh until you eat it.

Order a hearty salad from the comfort of your London workplace using an app.

Good Meals

HeartySalads are designed as a healthy, delicious on-demand option to keep you going well past lunch time.

Your salad arrives at your desired location.

It's as easy as ordering a ride or booking a room for holiday.

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HeartySalads include carefully combined ingredients that are sure to keep your hunger at bay right through lunch time. Here’s a sample of what’s on offer.

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Salsa Verde fresco 

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Lentil tabbouleh 

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Roasted Squash and couscous 


Steak and avocado salad 

Behind HeartySalads

My name is Ade Molajo. I'm a technologist by craft and a foodie by nature. For a long time I've faced the dilemma of how to eat well while staying productive. Having spoken to many other professionals, I realised this was a common problem. I will be teaming up with experts in the food and logistics industries to bring this idea to life. I'm eager to see how many others would like to do something about eating well while they work.

The Road Ahead

Your contribution will help get this project off the ground. As a contributor, you'll also get the chance to be an early adopter with priority access to HeartySalads. If you like the idea, sign up for updates and share it on your social media.


  • November 2016- Kickstarter campaign-kickoff

  • December 2016- Beta launch

  • January 2017- Launch


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