Healthcare Wristbands help a lot
Healthcare Wristbands help a lot

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Disposable PVC RFID Wristband

Everyday in the emergency room, there are a lot of patients coming, some very emergency situation make doctors no time to ask any questions, patients may be stupefaction without knowing anything. However for a surgery, patients usually would be send to different places, operating theatre, postanesthesia care unit, ICU, after the surgery, will be transferred to inpatient department.

As before all records will write down and transfer together with patients, in that case, write records will be easy lost or misplaced, sometimes letters can not see with waterlogging or medicine stains. If there some information can not let the patients know, can not write it down, which makes other doctors can not know all details. If there are some unmentionable disease patients do not want other people except doctor know, how to protect their privacy?

A disposable pvc wristband applied in health would play an important role. It’s soft, waterproof, not easy broken, can adjust the suitable size according to the patients’ wrist, either loose to drop out, or too tie to disturb blood circulation.

An RFID chip inside, all patients’ information encode in the chip, when each doctor come to check, just reading their wristband can get all details, when they have surgery, what’s kind of medicine used, what’s the reflection, get all those in seconds. Especially some information can not let patients themselves know, so that they can keep a good attitude, which help recovery. Others and visitors would know nothing, in this way protect patients totally.

This health care wristband help patient a lot.

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