Just-Us Fitness:Healing the body from the inside out.
Just-Us Fitness:Healing the body from the inside out.


My name is Jordin Justus, I have traveled across the United States and there was one thing that I always saw that people had. Ailments, addictions, pain and suffering. I want to help. Therefore my entrepreneurship endeavor is to own a healing gym by the name of Just-Us Fitness. It will be a cross of physical therapy, a rehabilitation program, a recreational/crossfit gym, and a yoga studio. Along with that, I will, ideally, have the gym in connection to medical practices so I could receive clients who desire to be healed of certain ailments as well as refer clients who need extra assistance than what we can provide.

I am very passionate about keeping ones body healthy through physical fitness and good nutrition. My target audience would be patients who have physical ailments, (scoliosis, joint injuries, recovering from broken bones, etc.) mental inhibitions, (drug addiction, food addiction, depression etc.) and open to anyone who wants to join in the practice. The services would include:

Personal training
Physical therapy
Bikram Yoga
Yin Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga
The 12 step program incorporated with physical fitness
Nutrition classes
Advanced fitness such as crossfit
Beginning fitness
Self Defense
Any services that are in high demand and reasonable

To start this business I will need space to run my operations and certified trainers to teach yoga, do personal training, and physical therapy. With my training I will soon be able to do personal training, physical therapy, manage the business and teach nutrition classes. I will also need to get in connection with local medical offices and chiropractors and form agreements on services.

Help raise funds to help build a gym like none other, to raise awareness of our bodies and to fund a dream to help those who want to be healed!

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