HD Dinosaur Replicas
HD Dinosaur Replicas

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Peregrine360 is a small team working in the field of high-quality 3D design and looking to design the technology of the future. One of the main things we are passionate about is dinosaurs, but none of us had found any affordable models that remotely resembled the real skeletons we find at museums.

With the combination of dissatisfaction and passion for dinosaurs, we have decided to find out how good a T.Rex of our own creation would look like. So we spent some time on dinosaur model, testing out our software and equipment to a whole new level.


                                                        T.Rex stored in museum

Most of the Dinosaur Fossil at museums are not the REAL fossils, but the replicas of real fossils. There are many reasons behind the display of replicas, some of the main reasons were-

Quality-  Replicas are duplicates of original fossils and in some cases, they are better than the real fossils in terms of detail and reconstruction of weathered parts . Fossils are commonly missing parts,  broken, and extremely fragile. 

Preservation- The real fossils are very rare and need to be carefully stored in humidity and temperature controlled environments to keep them intact once they are out of the ground. Also, moving the fossils means they could be damaged or broken.

Cost- Fossils are millions of years old, and their value cannot be put in terms of money alone. Fossils are priceless

Research- Scientists need to study fossils from the real specimens. Due to limited availability of real fossils, replicas were used for display in museums.



Most of the visitors in museums, especially children, want to touch the fossils or bones stored in the museums.

Fossils at the museums can be seen and unfortunately, they cannot be touched without getting into a lot of trouble, let alone taking one home. Here we come with the perfect solution.


- It has an awesome High Detail, 50-micron resolution

- Aged look T.Rex. Coloured to mimic to a high degree Museum Tyrannosaurus Rex's on display

- Less than half the cost of models at this level or resolution, accuracy, and detail

- Easy to assemble

- Hand Sculpted Models using Z-Brush and other 3D modelling software- Our models are exponentially more faithful to actual fossils than dinosaur toys  sold at museum gift shops. They are modeled based on anatomical facts




  • Dimensions: 45 cm x 17cm x 19cm 
  • Comes with the base  
  • Weight in packaging: 1.1 Kg / 2lbs
  • Aged-look texture and paint

Each T.Rex is hand built and tooled by artists using accurate anatomic measurements, so it’s worth the wait to have each model made with care. Design: Hand sculpted on Z-Brush, with palaeontology references

We will use raised funds to accelerate our development in major types of Dinosaurs and other animals. The funds we receive from you will enable us to move our future designs below into prototyping and production for near-future launches.

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Click on the share link above Upon sharing, you will be given a download link to download the STL file for 3D Printing Go to www.3DHubs.com Click on 3D print Upload the file Choose the material you want. We recommend FormLab printers at 50 micron for optimal quality and cost Choose a 3D print Lab near you  Have your 3D Printed Claw shipped or even pick it up if you find a 3D printing Lab near your




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