HD & Pixel Video Game Assets Commercially Licensed Monthly
HD & Pixel Video Game Assets Commercially Licensed Monthly

This project has already launched.

*Every backer will have the option to be enrolled in the Game Development Guild's 4 game design theory courses on our website for free. In total over 140 pages jam packed with industry tips and techniques featuring color illustrations and quizzes for each section of the material.*

The big asset stores for video game / book / project art don't always have what people like me are looking for when purchasing licensed assets. I want professional quality, unique (sometimes edgy) designs and unqualified usage to maximize the value I receive from licensed art. Of course I would like all of this at an excellent, affordable price too! 

There are some really great deals out there, and standardized assets that help people learn. But that's not what this project is for. This project is create a set of assets that can be used by a group of people who subscribe and pitch in a nearly unlimited way. The goal is to create a portfolio of high definition character sprites, vehicles and background / prop images that have consistent qualities and styling to be used in a variety of games. You will be able to have direct input if you choose by responding to emails for your opinion on the next assets to be commissioned and design choices / options ( accessories, colors, stylings, etc. ) That way you are always in the loop and have a chance to influence the final concepts that you are purchasing instead of just buying whatever is out there. Perhaps your feedback will inspire an awesome addition that no one else thought of! 

Freelance artists will be paid well to create these designs and eventually with enough members we can afford fully designed 3D models with rigging and animation scripts. The more members we get the more premium assets we can collectively own. We haven't commissioned any pixel art yet but I know there are a ton of talented artists dedicated to this particular niche. With your help we can get top-notch pixel art with large creatures / settings and intricate animations. Do you have an artist to suggest? Let us know! Our asset packs will include pixel and HD assets each month so you can put together your own awesome retro-style game or have a modern look.

When you purchase this monthly subscription you know that you can use the assets you recieve for any project, in print and in media, an unlimited number of times with no attribution. Any derivative works you create are yours to use as you please! You can do anything except sell it or license it to others in a way which allows them to access the source art files. In other words - you can't use the same assets and create an asset store with them or give the assets away for free. Pretty much anything else you want to do is fair game. 

The Rewards:

$5 - All of the current Game Development Guild Asset Packs
Halloween Background Pack

Create a diverse range of spooky sets and backdrops to your next zombie shooter, action / adventure or Halloween-themed games! You'll receive individual PNG image files for spooky trees, a graveyard fence, a variety of tombstones and graves, a marble and stone funeral / mortuary building and two ground / sky images to mix and match. 


 Space Game Essentials Pack

We have a pack that includes 10 high quality ships in a large (1024x1024 for example) PNG format and 10 spinning planets! The ships are detailed and vibrant and the planets are animated to spin so that they appear to rotate like a real planet.

This asset pack contains 10 images of a planet from all different angles arranged in the proper order for a perfect 360 degree spin. Each planet pattern comes with five distinct style variations, and the difference is more than a mere color change. You’ll be able to use theses images to create more variety in your game and get the coveted “wow factor” of having animated images rather than still ones. For each planet pack (2) you will receive five planet variation images for three sizes, small medium and large. The planet packs contain ten large images, ten medium and ten small for each variation. That’s 10 images x 3 sizes x 5 variations so 150 images total. A copy of the large (full size) strips in PNG form are included. You can see some of these assets in action as they are featured in the video game Asteroid Defender by the Game Development Guild on the Google Play store. 

Platformer Game Essentials Pack Plus Ships

We have this set of platforms, obstacles, weapons, background pieces, and more spaceships ( not extra large format ) which are perfect for people who want an instant stash of quick and easy to use assets. Plug these images into a variety of 2D game types to save yourself time and money making them yourself of buying them separately. Customize and mix them up however you want! This is a great deal on it's own but especially as part of the mega-pack we're offering for our first reward tier.


$15 - All Tier 1 Asset Packs plus "Mimic" Space Monster 

The mimic space monster collects and uses pieces of ships it's conquered to conceal itself and enhance it's own abilities. From a distance it looks like a spaceship, but once a vessel comes too close the monster attacks and pillages it's targets for upgrades. This monster would fit in well with space-themed games in a boss battle or mission sequence that takes advantage of it's unique design ( breaking off pieces of ship armor to reveal the monster )

Below is an image showing a few color variations for the monster underneath it's stolen ship armor. 

$25 All Previous Assets Plus "Powerful Future Warrior" Character

This warrior concept is a mix of brute strength and technology-based weaponry. A genetically-enhanced fighter with (optional) energy blades / arm swords whose punches, kicks and attacks are powered by cybernetic forearm gauntlets and massive boots. This character would work great as a main protagonist or an intimidating villain / boss battle. You can easily customize the character to fit your needs. The finished product will include sprites for several common positions include movement forward and back, blocking, attacks, jumping, and of course the idle position. 

With layered PSD files it's easy for you to change colors, accessories, or customize the assets however you like. 

 There will be multiple poses / sprites for each character and animations where applicable for vehicles and ships. 

Remember that all backers can be enrolled for free in our Game Design Theory courses. The four courses cover the following topics:

Level 1 - Game Design Definition, Genres and Roles. Fundamental Principles of Game Design. Storytelling and Concept Creation.

Level 2 - Game Documentation. Principles of Visual Design. The Three C’s: Character, Camera, Controls. Overview of common industry terms and development tools.

Level 3 - Enemy / Level Design. Combat. Adaptive/Progressive Difficulty. Pitfalls of Design. Overview of software to practice building levels.

Level 4 - Empowering players. Game Economies. HUD / GUI. Logical Mechanics and Flow. Creating Useful Systems / Agile Programming. Troubleshooting.

Concepts for future monthly asset packs (The quality when finished will obviously be much higher!) :

Animated Dragons

Background Packs




Stretch Goals:

Our first stretch goal should be easy to hit if we reach the minimum goal of $500. If we raise $750 we will commission a "Jet Moto" style jet motorcycle / hoverbike for you to use in your sci-fi / cyberpunk / space adventure game. You will also be included in emails to help with design options! More stretch goals to come featuring new assets if we hit this one! 

Risks and challenges

This project is reliant upon people pooling their resources consistently to obtain an awesome discount on services. There is a risk that over time people will drop their membership / subscription and therefore if the membership does not remain large enough to cover the cost of the services then the project will be canceled and any months paid for without assets delivered will be refunded.

The challenge will be to continuously deliver content that the members / subscribers need and want at a great price. We will develop marketing campaigns to increase membership and over time enhance the quality of the assets delivered with the additional funds from new members. Another challenge will be to keep the style of art and design consistent so that the monthly assets may be used together in larger projects.

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