Hawkers Market Kitchen and Food Hub
Hawkers Market Kitchen and Food Hub

Hawkers Market Kitchen is a shared use community kitchen and food hub planned for Vancouver's historic railtown neighbourhood opening in 2014.

Open to the public and to businesses who need commercial kitchen space for thier endevours or simply to have the space to cook.

Hawkers Market Kitchen will be a space large enough to hold markets, workshops, food swap programs, pop up dinner projects and just about any community food program that the public, our vendors or we can think of and we will be supportive of making them happen in the community.

It is a place to connect over local food, a place to start, a place to share. With the fundamental belief that food is connector of people in communities.

Why is this space needed?

Vancouver is home to some of the highest real estate in North America and available and affordable space for community programs and food startups are scare to non existent here. Second to this food jobs are traditionally on the lower end of the income scale which can create preventative barriers for startups to grow, scale and sometimes even launch. Our intention is to increase the success rate of more food companies in Canada.

Hawkers Market began with these realities in mind and is beginning to change how food businesses are able to market and promote themselves and gain critical market research and feedback from customers. 

How do we make a larger impact?

We would like to be able to hold events more frequently and cut down the barriers to access the markets. Our costs are high to run events primarily due to high venue rental fees and outfitting event venues for proper food service regulation. By bringing together a space that contains a kitchen, event hall and market we believe we are creating a foundation to launch and develop lots of successful food businesses.

We also belive this is a model for communities and that by creating unique spaces like this we will be able to give people more options about what they are consuming, learning about where it came from, how it was grown and who was behind all of that work.

How can you help?

Keep up to date with us here on Prefundia.com, Twitter and Facebook for details about when we will be launching our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. We have some incredible new things planned for the markets that will be first availible through Kickstarter. We want to launch our campaign withing the next month and get down to work on bringing Vancouver a food hub.



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