Harvest Nation, Inc.                             Native Women Start an Aeroponic Farm
Harvest Nation, Inc. Native Women Start an Aeroponic Farm

Harvest Nation is an aeroponic farm innovatively designed to provide the healthiest produce available for our neighbors near and far. We are THE farm-to-table model. Our revolutionary design will deliver a full spectrum of produce to communities challenged by location, climate, and economic constraint. Harvest Nation is deeply committed to issues of food sovereignty and food access. Our slogan says it all, "farming locally, caring globally." Our enterprise addresses the food deserts of northern Minnesota. While the two factors of bad nutrition and viable shopping distances are more marked in tribal populations, they are a true microcosm of nutrition problems facing all of us on the Iron Range of Minnesota.

Harvest Nation has carefully selected over 40 heirloom crops to grow for their exceptional taste and quality. Many heirloom seeds date back to the 17 and 1800's. Extensive research led to our heirloom seed choices. We reviewed 10 ten lists of flavorful varieties, chef blog favorites, gourmet articles, and industry zines. Most of our crops originate in temperate zones. Harvest Nation can match all of their needs under one roof. The result is maximum flavor, color, and size, all locally sourced. Some of our choices, such as the Charlentais Melon, would not stand up the bruising of the normal food distribution transport.

Aeroponics is an indoor method of growing plants that mists crop roots with nutrients. It uses less nutrients and water than soil farming and hydroponics. Crops grow phenomenally faster in aeroponic systems. For example, tomatoes grow to maturity in soil in 85 days, in hydroponics 69 days, and in aeroponics in 49 days. Salmonella and listeria, both soil borne diseases, are a non-issue in aeroponic production.

Our design is unprecedented. While other hydroponic and aeroponic growers focus on the leafy greens market, our multi-level system is synced to the diverse needs, spatial requirements, and schedules of over forty different crops to ensure cost effective production. Our engineering consultant, Dunham Associates of Minneapolis, has completed a Cost Analysis of the Grow Systems and the Schematic Design Development phase of the project.

What ensures the success of our enterprise is that we cannot and won't compete with mainstream produce distribution. A new way to sell was needed. The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm model proved ideal for our needs. In offering weekly subscriptions of produce timed to mature each week, we ensure a steady income for the business. We also reduce our overhead considerably. And we can better the CSA model by offering produce year round and crop varieties that do not grow at all in our harsh climate.

Our production operation is based on the greenhouse best practices management of the Massachusetts Greenhouse Industry Guide and The Cornell University Greenhouse. We are also running an R & D aeroponic unit to refine our guide and monitor specific crops in an aeroponic environment.

Please contribute to our dream! We are the answer to the food deserts of our region, and when successful, to greater communities nationwide and international. Harvest Nation is THE farm-to-table model

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