Hapyy Granola
Hapyy Granola "? Crunchy Goodness"

This project has already launched.

We started where all great stories begin... at the dinner table. Susan Sampson, holistic nutrition consultant, professor, and co-Founder of Hapyy Granola, served her flavor packed granola recipes to her good friend and internet guru.

There the idea was sparked to share her amazing granola with the world. Susan then teamed up with good friend and Hapyy Granola co-Founder Chef Michael Roll to produce the recipe on a larger scale.


With 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving, Hapyy Granola was created keeping the health conscious in mind. The stand out ingredients are what make the granola so great! They are selected to deliver a nutritious and delicious balanced snack with less sugar than other varieties on the market. The ingredients appeal to those who are looking for minimally processed snack foods made with real ingredients. We start with whole grain gluten-free oats, vitamin rich nuts, energy boosting seeds, immune supporting coconut oil and antioxidant rich flaxseeds. In addition to super fruits, maple syrup and real vanilla round out the flavors.

*Final packaging may vary from this design. Our granola can be eaten alone or it can be a delicious addition to endless recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack time, dinner or dessert! Hapyy Granola is sure to make your taste buds smile, and body hapyy!

To know more about Hapyy Granola please visit our campaign http://kck.st/2kF9xeg 

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