Food truck to feed the homeless!
Food truck to feed the homeless!


Let's end hunger.

I have always loved helping people, even when I had no one to help me. I've been there, living from car to couch to couch, eating whereever, whenever, whatever I could. Times were tough...

It saddens me to know that we live in a country where millionaires can be found in just about every state - Over 10 million millionaires in the US alone!!  Some have so much money they could never spend it all in this lifetime.  Yet, we not only have an outstanding homeless population, but we have people starving on a daily basis. Families, children, people who have found themselves in a place of dispair due to our nations' financial collaspe are going without food on a daily basis.

As a chef, it is my goal to create a food truck that feeds the homeless a noontime meal EVERYDAY for free, based off what we procure from food banks, discount stores and the donations from others.

The rest of the time, the food truck will be used to make money to continue this effort, progressing to breakfast and dinner options, as funding allows.

Spreading a feel good message in my own community will hopefully lead to a global expansion where a food truck of this type will be found in every major metropolitan area.


This can be done, we just need to come together to help our fellowman.  I'm willing to donate my time and culinary skills to do so.  I just need a little help.



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