Hangsmart: The Smart Way To Hang Art
Hangsmart: The Smart Way To Hang Art

Absolut Art Present: Hangsmart, the smart solution to ease the pain of hanging artwork. No more measuring, no more nails, no more assistance needed; Hangsmart just simply works. When you’ve hung your artwork, you can move it up, down, left, right - all directly on the wall, with Hangsmart.

Hangsmart works in four simple steps:

  1. Mount Hangsmart on the wall, using the 3M adhesive rear of the device, or the two screws provided.

  2. Hang your artwork on Hangsmart and pull down until you hear a *click*

  3. Move your artwork into the correct position directly on the wall

  4. Hangsmart automatically levels the art, giving you perfectly straight art, every time!


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