Handwritten notes 4 you
Handwritten notes 4 you

This project has already launched.

Tech Titanz is a newly formed LLC, with the goal of helping people Conquer Tech. Kickstarter is giving us the opportunity to build a handwriting service offering atomization for the lost art of written correspondence. 

Using an AXIDRAW robotic pen plotter, we will offer customized handwritten letters, greeting cards, invitations, and envelope addressing. Living in the ever-increasing digital world a handwritten note holds even more sentiment. 

This handwriting service provides the opportunity to streamline and optimize your time without losing the intention of your message in cold hard type.

Our AXIDRAW holds almost any writing implement and creates a handwritten letter that matches the beauty of your message. For example, you have ordered beautiful wedding invitations and now it is time to address the envelopes. Not only is the task daunting but your penmanship isn’t up to par. This is where we can save the day. By sending your address list as you would like it to appear, we can beautifully address your envelopes in one our available handwritten styles. Now, when it is time to send out thank you notes, your contacts are already on file and we can customize your cards as well. 

Another great example would be Holiday Cards. Every year you wish you could send out the perfect handwritten Holiday Card but there never seems to be enough time. Instead of forgetting a note for each person you might not see over the holidays, we can put our AXIDRAW to work. Your custom sentiment will arrive to each person on your address list, beautifully written and addressed.  

By becoming a backer of this Kickstarter, you can pick the perfect reward to introduce you to our products. Thank you for all of your support!

Risks and challenges

If things do not go as planned, we will work with you day and night to make things right. Tech Titanz takes pride in providing unsurpassed customer satisfaction and will not settle for anything less.

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