Handmade Ultra-Light Walnut and Brass Mechanical Pencil
Handmade Ultra-Light Walnut and Brass Mechanical Pencil

This project has already launched.

Where it began...

Nicholas Hemingway's beautifully crafted handmade mechanical pencils are all hand produced on his grandfather's old workshop lathe. Nicholas was left the lathe when his grandfather passed away and started his stationery business in honour of him.

"My grandfather would have been proud to see his lathe being put to really good use by his grandson, and such an apt product for a Hemingway to have produced with his own hands"

Nicholas' pencil ranges are bought all around the world, and it started right here on Kickstarter.

Our natural wooden line of light-weight pencils was born from the Mark II everlasting pencil of last year.

Semi-moisture treated & hand polished in beeswax.

A re-designed brass click that mirrors the brass of the nib giving it balance as yet unseen in our series of pencils.

The slightly wider diameter of the overall pencil allows for a looser grip to be maintained over time with a greater natural tactility and a weightlessness that allows for hours of sketching to be achieved.

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