Handmade Luxury Shoes For Everyday Gentlemen
Handmade Luxury Shoes For Everyday Gentlemen

This project has already launched.

Artisanal craftsmanship meets pro athlete style to dress the modern man and help children in Kenya thrive.

Awl & Sundry, a New York City based custom shoe brand is joining forces with professional football athletes and style connoisseurs, Nate BurlesonRashad JenningsMarcel Reece and Eric Weddle to create a one-of-a- kind collection of luxurious, affordable and handmade shoes for the everyday gentleman and beyond. 

Through its partnership with the Africa Foundation, for every shoe purchased, Awl & Sundry together with Burleson, Jennings, Reece and Weddle will donate a pair of locally made shoes to students in Narok, County, Kenya, whom otherwise walk barefoot to school 5 miles and back#dogoodlookgood

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